Terrorism that works!


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  1. The exceses of bad capitalism are a disgrace to the Christian society. Satan uses many ploys to lead humans astray.
    Half-truths allow confusion: Seekers of Truth fill in details and lead themselves astray. The Prophet (pbuh) was sincere but he too was taken in. He knew Allah (swt) had an adversary but did not suspect that he was being used. Mohamed (pbuh) made belief easy, and many chose it (and many do so still.).
    Contiguous dimensional worlds tell us where God is and why we can’t see Him. God’s great love sent Jesus, who redeemed the world. Islam asks, “Who needs redeeming?” , but it is obvious something is wrong with mankind. Evil Satan rebelled against he whom God appointed as ‘King of Heaven and Earth’, and Satan uses Islam to frustrate Allah’s great plan. Is there really ‘peace’ in Islam?
    The real shape of the worlds is described in ‘Techie Worlds, Visible & Invisible’ (available from Amazon.com). It explains these things in an understandable, mechanistic and logical way. It shows how Allah’s vast love for mankind and for His worlds includes you and me and all His children, God’s love can bring happiness to us all. Read ‘Techie Worlds’ for a true understanding of what Allah has done for us.

  2. GeorgeRic,

    To quote one of my thermodynamics teachers, you seem to be suffering from “considerable conceptual confusion”.

    It might be easier and less confusing if you just came out as the Christian Evangelist you are. Saying pbuh after the Prophet’s name (peace be upon him) and saying Jesus (peace be upon him) ‘redeemed’ the world are wildly contradicting statements.

    May Allah guide you to the truth and make you among the best of the Muslims and after guidance give you the best in this life and the next.

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