Jerusalem Mayor okays baby Clinic for Jews but not for Palestinians

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has rejected the recommendation of municipal professionals and will not include the establishment of a well-baby clinic in the Silwan neighborhood in the coming year’s budget. The proposed clinic would have served some 100,000 Arabic-speaking residents. On the other hand, the 7,000 residents of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter will receive a well-baby clinic in 2010.


So 7,000 Jewish citizens can get healthcare for their babies, while 100,000 Palestinians can’t.

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  1. After that he will say again that Jerusalem is united.” He added: “Soon Hamas will open clinics and we’ll go to them. What we are interested in is our children’s health, and if the municipality doesn’t have any clinics, we’ll look for other ways.”

    and the world wonders why organizations like Hamas retain their grassroots support? The Israeli authorities would be wise to reconsider their policies because not only are they morally abhorrent by being so blatantly descriminatory against a huge segment of their own so-called “citizens”, but they are ultimately deleterious towards its own national interests.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Let’s just remember that Allah is just. He will set the record straight in this world and the next by His Grace and Majesty.

    Already, Arabs account for over 20% of the Israeli population. That does not include the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza.

    At this rate, Muslims will be the majority in so-called Israel within one generation. I don’t care how many Russian Jewish immigrants they convince to move to Israel. They cannot outnumber the Muslims for long.

    The fact that Jerusalem is not a Muslim city is a historical oddity. Inshallah, this period of time that the holy land is under Zionist control will only last a short time.

    It’s been 60+ years so far, but that shouldn’t be a cause for dismay. The Crusaders held it for longer then that before they were uprooted by a Muslim army.

    Muslims have controlled Jerusalem longer than any group of people on earth.

    Read this brief timeline about Jerusalem.

    Audio of Umar’s conquest of Jerusalem

  3. More of the same from the Israeli government. Here is my video which showcases some scholars and thinkers from the West who are determined to expose Israeli’s brutality:

  4. Its just like america they always build better things in rich neighboorhood but never in the ghettos, just look at the education in poor cities compared to education in beverly hills and the rich areas. This is not fair at all. Israel created the Hamas because they are fighting for equal rights and will continue to do so until the palestinian people are treated as humans.

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