Dozens killed in Yemen air strike on al-Qaeda suspects, al-Awlaki may have been amongst them UPDATE: Awlaki is reported to be alive and well

UPDATE: According to this article Anwar al-Awlaki is alive and well.


At least 30 suspected al-Qaeda militants have been killed by an air strike in a remote mountainous area of Yemen, security officials say.

An unnamed official told reporters the strike took place as dozens of militants gathered in Shabwa province, east of the capital, Sanaa.

Two senior al-Qaeda commanders in the Arabian peninsula could be among the dead, he said.

Al-Qaeda has carried out frequent attacks in Yemen in recent months.

The Saudi government has recently expressed its concern about the resurgence of the movement in the region.

According to the BBC, a Yemeni official said that Anwar al-Awlaki was amongst the dead. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

Update: Apparently other news agencies are reporting the same thing. Most likely the same one source.

Reuters news agency cited a security official saying that a radical Muslim preacher linked to the US army psychiatrist charged over the fatal shooting of 13 people at a US army base was suspected to be among those killed.

Yemen-based al-Qaeda sympathiser Anwar al-Awlaki, who was released from a Yemeni prison last year, and Maj Nidal Hasan had exchanged e-mails before the shooting at Fort Hood last month, US officials say.

Sources:BBC, Washington Post, Reuters

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  1. Amin to that!

    We hope and pray that if this news is true, Allah gives him what he has been seeking, ashahadat. He would be very fortunate to receive the highest of all honours, but it is a very sad day for the ummah.

  2. May Allah grant him mercy and a spot in jannah. Despite if u agreed with him or disagreed with him, he’s still Muslim and still our brother, alive or dead.

  3. Why are we Muslims so stupid? If he did die, and the praise attributed to him about Ft. Hood was true, than Alhamdulillah. You keyboard mujahids dont get it do you??? People of his line of thinking have caused more Muslim death than all the western powers put together. For you cowards who think he’s a hero, please move immediately to Yemen to take up his cause, we don’t need your type in the US. Islam is deep, so think deep. If he and his jihadis were in charge of some fictitious ‘Muslim state’ they’d execute anyone who wasnt wahhabi right away!

  4. @”muslimtaqwa”

    Ibn Mâzin said, “The Believer seeks excuses for his brothers, whilst the hypocrite seeks out their faults.”

    Hamdûn al-Qassâr said, “If one of your brothers commits an error, then seek ninety excuses for him, and if not, then you are the blameworthy one.”

    Do not abandon your brother in Islam. Whether you agreed with him, or not, he is gone, and inshallah, a Shaheed. He spent years in prison because of the US, he was tortured in jail, he lost brothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc…Try to look at the world from his point of view.

  5. @Muslimtaqwa

    Read the works of Imam al-Ghazali and Imam al-Haddad, especially on issues of Husn adh-Dhann with Muslims.

    By the way, the Al-Jazeera report mentions the following:


    But Abdullah al-Faqih, a professor of political science at Sanaa University, told Al Jazeera on Thursday that he was sceptical of the claims being made about al-Awlaki.

    “He is the son of a colleague of mine at Sanaa University. His father is an adviser to the president of Yemen. If they really wanted him, they could phone him and tell him to come back to the capital and arrest him.

    “I have serious doubts about him being a target – simply because he is well connected to the government and there is no serious case against him,” al-Faqih said.


    Thus his father was on the gov’t payroll and it is highly unlikely they would kill Anwar al-`Awlaki…

  6. @muslimtaqwa

    People are free to agree or disagree with him, i myself have disagreed with him before and have written to him to ask him to clarify a few things. I have agreed with him on many things too. The truth is, he has the right to have that point of view, he’s provided evidences for his arguments and does so with great knowledge and adhab.

    Jihad is a pillar of Islam, that cannot be denied, although some people go very close to it. If you study the seerah and the opinions of the ullema like Imam Shafi and imam Ahmed, you may be surprised. Imam Ghazali had very strong view about Jihad for example.

    I am not a “keyboard mujahid” i just do not like reading limp wristed fools pretend to have all the answers about Islam and Jihad. We are not ashamed to remind people of the obligation of Jihad and its position in Islam.

    Others like to paint an incorrect picture of its role

    As Prophet Muhammad (saw) said when asked if Jihad had ended “they are liars” in another hadith he said “it will never end, until the Day of Judgement”

    Imam Anwar was a beautiful brother mashallah and this ummah is at a loss without him.

    May Allah enter him into the belly of a green bird and allow him fly around Jennah at his pleasure. amin

  7. inna illayhi wa inna illayhi raji’oon

    I am deeply saddened to hear the potential news that Imam Anwar al-Awlaki died in this attack. May Allah elevate him to the highest ranks of Paradise.

    Let us pray that this news is not true! May our scholars who preach the truth be preserved!

  8. Anwar al-Awlaki was a misguided deviant–a khariji. I do not however rejoice at his death, because then I would be like Awlaki’s followers, who rejoice when people die. For example, we witnessed them rejoicing at the death of Benazir Bhutto. Can one imagine their joy if Hamza Yusuf were killed? They would say something like “Allahu Akbar, Mark Hanson was killed.”

    Hamza Isa:

    “The truth is, he has the right to have that point of view”

    Nobody has the right to advocate the killing of civilians; neither is this permissible under Western law nor under Islamic law. And yes, Anwar clearly said it was OK to *target* and kill civilians.

    “he’s provided evidences for his arguments”

    What evidence did he provide that it was permitted to kill civilians? None. And even the greatest deviants provide evidence. The devil can quote scripture.

    Anwar al-Khariji also condoned the actions of Major Nidal Hasan, the traitor. So again, Anwar displayed a complete lack of commitment to the Sharia…He could care less about the sanctity of the covenants.

    I’m glad Anwar’s blog is down and may it stay that way. As for him, I pray that he is guided to the straight path.

    Fi Aman Allah

  9. Good riddance if true.

    …I don’t even wanna hear the arguments of “Muslim brother”, “make excuses”, etc. etc. As if Awlaki and his type would even bother to make an excuse for any of us if we disagreed with them on their interpretation of Islam. They’d butcher us without a second thought and gladly…

    Right on Jaysh….keep speakin’ the truth brother.

  10. Jaysh, you really are a despicable moron. If true, may Allah (swt) grant Sh. Anwar Jannat-ul Firdous. Ameen.

  11. No matter how much one might dislike his politics(and I disagree with almost all of them) he was a scholar of Islam and being murdered by his own govt is not right. InshaAllah this was a case of mistaken identity.

  12. If what he said about killing innocents is true then Good Riddance. May Allah forgive him of all his sins

  13. @Jaysh

    I dont recall any time when Imam Anwar promoted the killing of innocent civillians in the manor you suggest, straw man arguments like this are not clever and just exposes your deep ignorance of fiq issues.

    Imam Anwar Awlaki has done more for this ummah than you will ever do and as we read and type he will inshallah be in the belly of a green bird having attained the highest of all honours…..something you neither desire or agree with.

    Listen to what Allah says about those people He loves and who He protects from such foolish finger waving people who always find faults with the mujahadeen

    O ye who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,- lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault. That is the grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things.


  14. In the same blog that he supposedly advocated the free-killing of civilians, he made an addendum saying that civilians are not to be targetted. He was speaking about a specific situation, and he wasn’t talking about *targetting* civilians. His opinion was limited to a specific situation, and not an overarching promotion of murder like people suggest.

  15. No offence guys but we should all learn from this:

    and this:

    “We have all committed many sins, made many mistakes and no doubt we have wronged others, we have deceived others, we have backbited others and no doubt we have lied to others.

    So what makes us focus onto brothers’ and sisters’ errors while we remain unconscious of our own. Not to forgive is like to live in arrogance, and ignorance of our own shortcomings. ”

    Check out the whole article & hopefully it will calm some of us down.

  16. I agree w/ BostonMuslim and many others here who are saying ‘good riddance’. May Allah forgive his many sins.

    He has advocated for violence many times, sometimes in subtle manners. Was it not Anwar who said “do not take the west as your friend”? He wrote an entire essay on that topic!

  17. @PakistaniMD

    You have a problem with the words “do not take the west as your friends?”

    Listen to the words of Allah aza wa jal about that..

    “O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily God guideth not a people unjust.]” (Al-Ma’dah 5: 51)

    In the above verse, the word “Awliya” is used in arabic. It is plural and its singular is “wali”. The correct translation of the word “”wali”” is not “friend” as stated above but it is someone who is very close and intimate and also means a “protector, guardian, patron, lord and master”.

    Placed in this context we can see the dangers of such a relationship with “The West”

    Do you still have a problem or do I have to provide tafsir after tafsir in support of this command from your Lord, The Most High and Mighty?

    Pull yourself togther

  18. Hes alive please verfiy information before posting them, do not take news from the fasiq without verification, specially when the information is from the Kuffar.

  19. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon

    May Allah grant him jannatul firdous if this is true. I give him 101 excuses.

    I really hope this is false.. really, really hope this is false.

  20. It came from one Yemeni official, and Yemen is his enemy. Plus the term Faasiq refers to people who are considered Muslims so the verification bit still applies.

  21. Well next time he should watch out before venturing out to have a one on one chit caht with his Al Qaida buddies

  22. The person they have claimed to kill was Muhammad Salih al-‘Awlaqi however he was not killed either, the Yemini army spread the news that they killed Awlaki and news morphed into something contrary to the truth. Hence it is a natural corollary amongst all fascists nations to propagandize the defeat of an enemy. And don’t get the information twisted even though the Yemeni army physically perpetrated the attack, they were guided and funded by the U.S, as the US has given nearly $70m (£44m) in military aid to the Yemeni government this year.


    Referring to the post on his blog praising the shootings after they occurred, al-Awlaki said he “blessed the act because it was against a military target.

    If all of this is true regarding his connections with and praise for that muderderous traitor Hasan, then the only regret here is should be that innocents have undoutedly perished also. Otherwise, a quick and sudden death is too kind an escape for this scum. He should be terrorized first, just as thedefenseless servicemen and women who Hasan so gleefully terrorized and whose only crime was to dutifully serve this country and its citizens.

    Scum who claim to be men of religious knowledge and spiritual guidance and then ideologically faciliatate acts of senseless violence are the biggest hypocrites and traitors to our ummah and in many ways are worse than the actual terrorists themselves. May Allah (SWT) preserve and guide our ummah.

  24. Spot on @Rahimahullah! Mashallah Well Done!

    I wanted to add another thing on top what you have said. As reported in one the hadith, one of the qualities of the hypocrites is when they argue they use abusive language…

    “Enjoy the good and ignore the ignorant”


  25. Utter animosity with “brother” tagged on the end of every other sentence. Absolute demands for utter submission to one’s instructions all dressed up of course as a plea for submission to the divine will. And of course you meant it all so sincerely blah blah blah yeah OK. If I thought for one second that an encounter with RasoulAllah (S..A.W) would be anything like an encounter with those who nowadays claim to be his greatest advocates, I would have never taken Shahadah. Al hamdulillah I was somehow kept away from them at the time.

    I’ve been watching this sad performance for the last 25 years. We’re screwed.

  26. Send all theses religous zealots to allah. This level of stupidity should have killed itself off long ago.

  27. MuslimTaqwa, please read al-Baqarah (2): 214 before commenting.

    James where were you when the Crusaders and Zionists lackeys kill thousands of Muslim and Kafir in the third world?

  28. I read in a article the other day that Major Hassan only recieved one email from Sh. Anwar and that it was a very general answer about Muslims participating in wars on the non Muslims side. If it wasnt then why on Gods earth would the FBI be chillin when a psycho Muslim is planning on attacking his own solidier peers? They are stupid but not that stupid. But you are stupid for believing in it.

    I doubt their was some plot of Sh. Anwar with Major Hassan to do anything, and the fact that us Muslims are even spending time and energy denouncing and insult a shaykh like that is beyond me.

    Give your brother 70 excuses, especially with the U.S media. Dont make yourselves look stupid in front of your Lord and your brethren when word gets out (like it always does) that this is all a joke and a set up.

  29. If my brother is killed then surely he will hope to come back to this world
    then be killed by the hands of yameny government or American forces again come back to the world then be killed by their hands again come back to the world then be killed by their hands…etc.IF Sheik Anwar Al-Awlaki is realy killed May Allah give him the ranks of Abu bakr Al-Sidhdheeq (RA),Umar bin Al-Kathoab (RA),Uthman bin Affaan (RA),Ali bin Abi Thoalib (RA) & make him a companion of Muhammadh (May the peace & blessings of Allah be with him) in Jannthul Firdause..Ameen.

  30. SubhanAllah we are only brave and outspoken when it is about a muslim brother. Is all we care abt what others will say about me or us did we ever think abt what Allah will say abt us?and as if u know what’s in Imam Anwar’s heart, as of what I am sure he spoken I agree with him. Why believe the media and those Allah told us about in Quran not to be on their side against our muslim brother and not to believe wat they say before we clarifiy and not to take as friends and awliaa. What more do we want when Allah told all we need to understand our world today. We despite of our difirences should stick together Musa alaih aslaam when he saw a man from the childern of Israel (his Ummah) fighting with another man from Egypt stood onn the side of his brother although his brother in Islam was a truble maker and Musa was willing to stand beside him again the next day when he saw him fighting with another man. What this story is telling us? And by the way the one who spoke abt this the best way is Imam Anwar Al awlaki. May Allah bless him with a long life of right doing and may Allah swt give us all Hidaya. Ameen

  31. About the Nidal incident and those of you who think Anwar is wrong for his comments: Lets assume you are clueless of what’s going on and all you now is that two groups (group 1 and group 2) are at war with each other. Group 1 is on the offensive bombing and killing individuals in group 2’s homeland (most of which are innocent civilians). One day group 2 kills soldiers (who insult, hate, and have killed or would love to kill individuals from group 2) on group 1’s homeland – for a change. Does any one see anything wrong with this?
    And anyone with a sane mind would know that soldiers are not considered innocent – especially during war. I’m not saying I agree with what happened in Fort Hood but muslims should think twice before criticizing our beloved Shiek Anwar Awlaki.

    And those of you who would listen to whatever false accusation on Anwar Awlaki remember that it is nothing knew for great scholars to be accused of things they have never done and/or be thrown in jail, killed, etc.. For me, Anwar Awlaki has provided me with hidaya and love for my religion; great stories of the prophets, Mohammad (SAW) and his companions, and other lectures have increased my iman and has given beautiful mentors to look up to. if any of you have time I would definitely recommend listening to the Umar Ibn Khattab lectures: the justice, the way he lived, and the care he had for the islamic society just makes you wonder how anyone besides the sahaba can enter heaven. In my opinion the entire ummah today isn’t worth the foot of one of the companions of our beloved prophet (SAW).

    Inshallah allah will grant us jannah and salam (peace) on this earth.

  32. Assalamu alaykum

    Whoever told your brothers Anwar Awaki was a scholar?

    This is a major issue , the Jahil do not say who is the Scholar.

    The scholar say who are the scholars.

    Do any one in this group know who are the scholars of ahul sunnah wa jammat in Yemen?

    What Major scholar in Yemen say Anwar is a Scholar?

    Next what make some one a scholar?

    Many of us brothers and sisters are far off basic understanding of Islam., I was say it again very far off track.

    Do not even Understand the Usool of fiqh for marriage, So how you brothers even talk about Jihad.

    How many of you brother Make Fajr in the Masjid?

    Many of you brothers and sisters do not even know the shoort of Salah. But we talk about usool of Jihad.

    Many of the brothers and sisters can not even talk about Hijrah let alone want to move to a Muslim country. But you want to talk about Usool of Jihad.

    Many of your brothers and sister can not even UNDERSTAND THE BOOK OF ALLAH IN ARABIC WHICH IT CAME DOWN IN!
    But you want to talk about usool of jihad and say who scholars are. But don’t have or know what in the BOOK OF ALLAH.

    Brother like to quote for Imam Gazali how many of you know the status of learning and understanding of Arabic in the Quran? What Imam Gazali rahimallah position on it?

    We talk about Jihad and do not understand the basic of our deen.

    Many of US are not even seeking correct Islamic knowledge. So whoever walks and talks sound nice to our ears we think he is upon the truth. This is the ignorant and his method.

    This is what Allah say in Quran ”
    It is not right for the Believers that all of them should go off to battle.
    Rather from every troop of them some of them should remain in order that
    they should attain knowledge in the Religion. That they should warn their
    people when they return to them so that they can beware of evil. “[Soorah at-
    Tawbah (9):122].

    So even Jihad and Seeking knowledge goes hand to hand.

    Muslims what to go , to the highest peek of Islam which is Islam, and do not even have the basic down.




    Allah say in Quran in surah Asr.


    One of our scholars of the past Imam Shafir May Allah have mercy upon him said ” If Allah had send down to use this surah alone as proof it would have be sufficient for use to follow.

    Allah say in this surah all people are lost except those who beleive, and have righteous action. so that mean to have correct and righteous action one first must have knowledge.

    Imam Bukharee said ” knowledge before speak and action”

    then this verse about jihad and knowledge
    Allah say ” It is not right for the Believers that all of them should go off to battle.
    Rather from every troop of them some of them should remain in order that
    they should attain knowledge in the Religion. That they should warn their
    people when they return to them so that they can beware of evil.” [Soorah at-
    Tawbah (9):122].

    So Allaah, the Perfect, placed the Believers into two groups. On one of them He has made it
    obligatory that they fight jihaad in His way. And upon the other one, He has made it obligatory that
    they attain knowledge of His Religion, in order that not all of them go off to fight jihaad. Because if
    they all went off to fight jihaad, then the prescribed laws would pass away and knowledge would
    pass away. Then it would not be possible for them to seek knowledge after that and so the
    unbelievers would therefore gain dominance over the Religion.

    Many of us need get off website like this and spend our free time learning about Islam. So we stop looking like fools.

    Have the arguments in this group its because people have no knowledge, or they are taking their incorrect knowledge from the wrong source.

    For this Brother Anwar Awaki may Allah guide him to the truth Ameen.

    But the truth is here, its with what the messenger of Allah left, but many of use are to lazy and ignorant to even study and listen to Anwar, what do the scholars of the past say? Most of your brothers who is for Anwar you can not even return to his information and check if he is correct or wrong because MOST OF US DO NOT KNOW ARABIC. DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND THE QURAN.

    We are living in the last time for the fools take the fools as their leaders and scholars. Blindly following them.


    You post this link.

    I want to add this speaker and other like him, KILL ME!

    How Takfire, Anwar Awarki is from them, Takfire wa kawaaarj methodology

    Talk about the kufr like the one on this audio
    But live in the kafir country this really very very funny. You hate the kufur and you live in their country and do not live in Muslim country wow .

    Living with the kufur under their kafir laws wow guys are real jokes and jokers.

    Learn the truth it will set you free

  34. Salamaleikum,

    As the once naked, once barefooted and once impoverished sheep herded now pierces the skyline with his towering Burj.

    The still ignorant, still apologetic and still self denying cowards have delved deeper and deeper into their slumber.

    if the term ‘Traitor’ applies to one who turned on his countrymen out of religious solidarity with fellow co religionists at a time of WAR between the two parties… then what will you call the numerous Sahabaa who did just that in the battle of Badr? What do you think of Sayyidina Umar for his opinion on what should be done to the prisoners of Badr?

    The real traitor is one who puts American before Muslim. The one who willingly and openly insults and sells the honour of his Muslim fellow at the slightest news from the Kuffar, yet, when a Kaffir people or person is equally slandered, they are first to dispel the ‘conspiracy theories’ or the ones to call for ‘Moderation’ and ‘Civilized discourse’
    The most vicious and venomous dog bites on this forum come from people who are TERRIFIED to condemn Salman Rushdie and the Cartoonists in front of kuffar, yet when a muslim is on the roast, they become knights in shining armour… prepared to announce kufr on him, just to appease others.

    Before you wish Brother Anwar Al Awlaki to hell and slander him so shamelessly, first muster up the courage to go to the Kuffar and tell them where its at. And do it with the same vigour and pride as you do against your own brothers, then come and talk.

    It seems your ‘moderation’ only applies to your enemy and not to your own.

    A so called Muslim coming here to call his fellow muslim a killer, manics, Scum and visitor of prostitute while ignoring the armies, butcherers, rapists and professional prostitute punters that frequent the establishments of your lands, such a muslim is perversely corrupt and utterly useless as a protector, adviser and well wisher towards Islam and the Muslims.

    The issue is beyond imam Anwar and the likes, its more than that. Its a proof that in this day and age we have characters walking around claiming the title of Muslim while in their hollow hearts they have nothing but contempt, anger and insults to direct towards muslims. HYPOCRITES used to HIDE their evil opinions in a day gone by, but now, they only have to hide behind a Username.

    Bravo. the venom has finally come out, even towards the most oppressive muslim our response is Advice and Consultation, because the Deen is Adviceand Sincerity, to its leaders and to its followers.

    As our master the leader of Prophets Muhammad Sallalahualeihi instructed his companions when they insulted the drunk man ‘Do not help Satan against your BROTHER’

    Imam Anwar is an amazing brother, I wish him well and may Allah burn all his Adversaries.


  35. why?
    Allah say in this surah all people are lost except those who beleive, and have righteous action. so that mean to have correct and righteous action one first must have knowledge.

  36. Salamaleikum SFK,

    Dear brother.

    I beleive that you are referring to Surah Al Asr. in which case you have totally overlooked the fact that Allah also mentions the following;

    1) those who DO good (not those who TALK only)
    2) Those who give mutual ADVICE (not critics)
    2) those who encourage each to have patience (not those who discouragedl and dishearten their brothers and sisters)

    three attributes that I cannot see in your response, to forsake and rubbish a beleiver without first advising or counselling them is what was asked of you, not condemnation and accusations.

    As for the ‘knowledge’ you mention, only Allah knows how you deducted that condition from the Surah you mentioned above. I do not deny the validity of such condition, but if you seek perfection in others, you must posses the same in yourself (so I would expect you to back up all your statements and citations to exact Quranic references, not just open statements)

    In the study and application of Islamic knowledge, you must seek and establish evidences in order to deduct conclusions, not the other way around. Have you sought to find out where theSheikh has studied, what, when with who and for how long? or are you just making another unverified statement?

    Why? is your question
    Why not? is your answer

    I think we need to put this thread to sleep now, the Sheikh is being hunted reviled and his blood is sought by people who defy Allah and His Messenger, kill His slaves and try to ban His Sharia, so when a few individuals from this Ummah take a stance to stick up for His commandments, me and you should either be part of the solution or at least…. not add to the problem.

    We don’t need muslims demonizing us as well, that’s what the media and kuffar are for. Unfortunatly, when it comes to issues such as Niqab, beard, Sharia… you will find some muslims even more antagonistic towards our sisters and brothers than even the most Jaahil kafir, the issue of Sheikh Anwar is not a specific one, its general, tomorrow itcould be Imam Siraj or Sheikh Hamza, these muslims will make the same blanket accusations and condemnation without thinking for a moment.

    I am glad I didn’t embrace Islam from its people but directly from the source, because even the Jews will wage war and destroy entire nations to defend a single soldier (not even a civilian) while muslims have no power to destroy Guantanamo and have to continue condemning and selling their own.


    And if you still want to condemn him to hell, then first acquire knowledge before enquiring about knowledge, or else you will not recognise it even when it slaps you in the face.


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