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  1. WOOW, nice vid. I can’t tell you how many times that instance with the sister in the beginning happened to me and my sis . 😛

    Great vid. In the beginning I totally judged him, but nice vid.

  2. OMGSH I LOVE it. I have to say its the best and deepest video I have seen in Muslim Music Video History. It conveys such a great message. And it really makes both the sister and brothers relate so much.

  3. That was great! I think I’ll probably post it on my blog.

    For anyone who is concerned about music and Islam, I suggest you read up on Yusaf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) and his relationship with music. In my opinion, when music is made to promote love and to help humanity, God approves.

  4. @Modern Girl:

    Well, as much as I respect Yusuf Islam, he is not a scholar of Islam and his opinion with regard to anything is invalid.

    Furthermore, our opinions do not matter and we cannot just pretend like we understand the wisdom of God. The majority opinion of the scholars throughout the ages is that musical instruments are forbidden (not music itself) except the duff, and there is a minority opinion that these instruments are allowed in spiritual music, i.e. like the burdah or nasheeds (Kareem Salama doesn’t really fall into this category). Any other opinion would be from such a small minority of scholars that it is not valid to follow.

    The end cannot always justify the means. Just because something promotes love and helps humanity does not mean it is permissible. One can steal money from the rich and give it to the poor and while giving money to the poor is commendable, stealing is haraam, meaning that this whole thing is haraam. So yes, Yusuf Islam’s music may bring certain good things, but is it permissible? Most scholars would say that when he uses his guitar, it is not.

    I think it is a similar thing with Kareem Salama and other Muslim singers. Yes, they bridge our communities and create understanding, but are their means of doing so permissible? Most likely not and it’s not like they HAVE to play guitar or whatever – Talib Al Habib’s nasheeds are amazing (I had non-Muslim friends who started listening to him) and they only use what is permissible.

  5. “There’s a thin line between virtue and fear.” Some of us who feel that we are so virtuous are really afraid of doing anything that smacks of being wrong (i.e., not permissible). Allah did not make us to live in fear that our every step may be a misstep. If one’s intention is to promote peace and love and bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, then I believe that the use of a musical instrument may be forgiven.

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