FOX News guest forgot about 9/11

Dana Perino said:

‘We Did Not Have a Terrorist Attack on Our Country During President Bush’s Term’


Of course we didn’t because 9/11 was an inside job organized by the CIA and Mossad to bring America into two unnecessary wars in order to crush the economy so all the wall street executives can get free money from the government to help them “bail out” without repaying it back.

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  1. i love how the guy on her right kinda looks away in confusion…”umm is that correct?” neo-cons are seriously scum.

  2. I think she meant after that one, because when people criticise Bush’s foreign policy they tend to say, “Well after 9/11 what other attacks have occurred on US soil???” to insinuate that his policies worked.

  3. Funny. Sad state of affairs for FoxNews.

    Though, MR, do you actually believe the conspiracy written on your blog post? I hope not…. that would be even sadder.

  4. PakistaniMD- It would be evener sadder if you believed its all real.

    That underwear Nigerian bomber is set up as well… one of the passengers said that he was escorted into the plane with an escort and the man looked dazed and stared off into space. Plus another man was chill and recorded the WHOLE thing. Who records the possible bomb attack on the plane your riding in without yelling and screaming for your life?

  5. Then get off the Muslim internet scene and stick to, who also believe that the trails left behind by planes are chemicals meant to kill people, that swine flu was a conspiracy, and that the new world order is going to get you one day.

  6. Right now I am laughing… esp. Burhan’s + Sabiwabi’s sarcastic take on prev. commentators. I agree w/ Atif , in that I know that MR is just trying to be sarcastic. I was pointing out that if someone actually believed in those statements, that it would be a serious waste of a human mind and very sad for the Ummah.

  7. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

    Maybe I’m missing something here.

    Not that MR’s assessment is absolutely correct, but do you guys really believe the official gov’t line?

    UBL, the head of international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, from deep within the caves of the mountains of Taliban controlled Afghanistan, armed with little more than a Kalashnikov and a cell phone, organized the most devastating terrorist attack the world has ever known.

    That they recruited several youngsters from Egypt and Saudi, trained them, indoctrinated them, funded them, and sent them to America to go to flight school to learn to commandeer commercial airliners into the WTC, Pentagon, and WH.

    And they did all of this because they “hate our freedoms,” or were upset about Palestine, or the Saudi Gov’t or whatever.

    Furthermore, these planes that struck the WTC did so with enough force to destroy two of the largest structures man ever built, but miraculously left some of the terrorist’s passports intact.

    You guys, really believe all this?

    I mean, you REALLY believe that?

    Do you really believe those Palestinians that CNN showed that day clapping and cheering were doing so because they were happy about the attacks?

    Am I the only one who listens to Imran Hosein?

    I hate to pimp my own writings….but….some of you need to read this.

    And this.

  8. not for a second did i doubt the truth, i dont want you to disbelieve, but in all honesty, the truth is, they tried to kill an arab american born into this world and they are still trying to kill him, he is alive and well, and one thing is right, yeah i think the CIA did try to kill him, but guess what, they cant, and they are going to hell. dont doubt for a second that there is no tabetha, just hear the souls screaming i dont neglect the fact that there has been trying to be a cover up against the truth, but guess what is true, i’m too old for you. there have been crazy rumors, and the truth existing above all that, dont doubt for a second that there isnt any problems, people are trying to invent medicine to get rid of god, they’ve been giving me psychiatric medicine to try to kill me since i was a kid too, and they started to give it to me at home while i was sleeping, injections to kill me, oh but guess what, they are the ones who are suffering. i dont have the intentions of hurting anyone, so therefore i know myself, i dont like the kind of unearthly behavior i hear on the news, which i dont want to hear because of their injustifiable , really, they are going to Tabeitha

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