The End – Mujahideen Ryder’s Blog (2000 to 2009) [UPDATED]

It’s been a long time with lots of fun, educational, spiritual, controversial and outrageous posts over an entire decade. The blog was bound to come to an end as do everything.

I ask Allah to forgive me for anything wrong I have said. I ask anyone who may have been hurt by my blog to forgive me. Anything good that I have written is from Allah. Anything bad is from myself and the whispers of the shaytan.

May Allah take away any suffering from any Muslim. May Allah remove the injustice around the world. May Allah bring peace to war infested lands. May Allah forgive all the wrong doers. May Allah guide all the misguided and continue to guide the guided.

Oh Allah! Forgive the Muslim men and women. Forgive the believing men and women. Those who are alive and those who died. You are indeed the One who listens and accepts all supplications.

Servants of Allah! Indeed Allah orders us to be just and to excel in what we do. Be generous and to take care of our kin and relatives. Never do what is forbidden of all sins and not to transgress. He almighty advises you so you can remember.

Verily, Salah prevents evil deeds and misconduct.

With that said, my last and final post is done.

Asalamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh
May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you


UPDATE (1/2/10): Some of you suggested a I list resources that I usually go to.  Here are my sources for news articles:

  1. Reddit
    I’m on reddit on a daily basis.  It’s basically a community that votes different submissions from around the web.  I use this to get the latest news around the world and in America.  The politics and world news subreddits are very good.
  2. Twitter
    I find some of the most craziest links on here.  You have to really search and follow the right people. @IslamBlog and @muslimvoices are pretty good of aggregating a lot of links around the web regarding Islam and Muslims.

List for Islamic knowledge:

  1. Halal Tube
    The number one reason I made that site was for myself to organize lectures.  I basically listen to all my stuff from there.  If I find something, I add it.  I know there is a submit form for anyone to add, but I’ve been lazy with that.  Hopefully now that MR has come to an end I will be able to work on Halal Tube more often.
    I use it to find hadith related to questions I have, not necessarily to find a fatwa.
  3. SearchTruth
    Easy way to find things from the Quran and Hadith.
  4. Read!
    I read books.


Update (1/3/2010):  If people want to continue sharing articles and link, you can start a community on ShoutReel here.  I’ll be on there adding interesting things I find as well as throughout the ShoutReel site. I’ll also still be tweeting.

In other words, I’ll still be sharing information online, just not on this blog anymore!  So follow me on twitter and join ShoutReel!


Updated (1/3/2010): The site will remain online, just not updated.  I’ll be posting here

Updated (4/9/2011): Just follow me on twitter and listen to lectures on HalalTube or listen to the Qur’an on HalalTunes.

108 Replies to “The End – Mujahideen Ryder’s Blog (2000 to 2009) [UPDATED]”

  1. salaams
    Sad to hear, please don’t delete this blog. As you have matured in your views, I too have grown and benefited. This blog is a living breathing testament to the American Muslim experience in N. America. It will go down in history biithnillah so please keep it even if you don’t update it, k?
    Tawfeeq wa taqabalallaahu minna wa minkum ajmaeen, Aameen.

  2. is possibly the best Islamic QA website on the net MashaAllah. I would encourage all Muslims to visit and to either read the thousands of answers already available or ask one of their own.

  3. Ah ha, I knew you were a Redditor. Your articles were always somewhat similar to articles I’ve read on that site.

    Anyway, from one redditor to another, rather, brother to another, good luck with all your future ambitions. *golf clap*

  4. Asalam alkum rahmatiullhe wa barikatu,
    I’ve always checked your site and I love this site and what Mujahideenryder is ending in 2010??????
    Look you may be the most famous imam on this site and you’re the admin and I’ve always respected everything you do but now…….Quiting this site………………..Just scorched our hearts and ripped them.
    Atleast make someone else the admin of this site or something but we need-d-d-d-d you.
    I love the deen music, I respect your athority and everything you do, the complaints in the past was mostly about you, I’d hate to hear the news that this is the end for this Islamic website is coming to an end.
    You made our worlds just look obscured with destruction but leaving a little light through.
    One thing I’d ask before you leave for an entirnty; if you ever have time contact me on MSN or email at
    I’d love to hear news from you and how your doing and what your studying in islamic deen so please contact me.
    -Dearly from your dear member of this site; Abdurahaman

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  6. Salaam my dear brother, I wish you the best in life and Inshallah your future pursuits will be just as fruitful and beneficial. I hope to continue reading your works, I came from time 2 time on this site and knew you from YM Forums. Hope you meet you one day in person. Peace!!

  7. I love this blog. MR has done a great job. 🙂 But i have good news for my fellow Muslims here. Im a medical student in Pakistan, and I have made a blog for the purpose of introducing true Islam to Non-Muslims and providing a great resource for Muslims. Its called:
    So dont worry if MR is gone. Iv provided an alternative. 🙂 You’ll find all ur questions about Islam, Quran, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), women, war etc answered on my blog. Plus lots of helpful links to other useful websites on the internet.
    May Peace be upon all the people of the world! 🙂 Peace within and peace without.

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