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  1. as salamu alaikum i have a question for you. you said you accept the shia but i just want to know how you got by the fact that MOST shia speak bad about Omar Abu bark and Uthman (may Allah be pleased with them all) And they sometimes hold bad beliefs about Ayisha and some say ALI was made from fire. Things like this, are not apart of the sunnah. talking about the companions and the wife of the prophet in a bad way. Belief in the 12 imams etc etc… What is it about the shia that makes you want to accept them despite their belief? A shia stabbed Umar and caused his death while he was praying fajr.

    The salifi brothers support Saudi and the SAUDI (gov)is in too close for comfort with US and all the other kufar gov that are killing muslims. IE IRAQ.

    I am just asking so i hope you dont get mad by my questions.

    I made hajj with some brothers form NY and i had a wonderful time and hope to see them again. Shaikh Muhammad Adly taught in B town, do you know him.. Do you know siraj? write back when you have time.


  2. Regarding the Shia, I accept them as Muslims and no comment after that.

    That’s what I said above, and that’s what I will say again. The cursing of the sahabas is kufr, and all of Sunni Islam knows that. We respect and love dearly Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them all).

    Allah knows best.

  3. It is not in Shia doctrine to curse the Sahaba RA, they just believe that they were human and made mistakes. No more. No less. I am not saying that some dont curse the Sahaba RA but I am saying that Shia doctrine does not accept it. Shia’s definately dont believe that Ali RA was made of fire. And when you say a shia caused the death of the Khalifa Sayedna Umar RA that’s just as bad as when Shia’s say that Sunni’s killed Imam Hussain RA!
    Although I am not Shia I find it a duty upon me to clear misconceptions, and defend other Muslims. We need to accept and embrace each other both Shia and Sunni and anyone who says La Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah. Its not by a matter of choice that we have to accept them as Muslims rather because it is not for us to decide who is Muslim and who is not.

    Just my two cents

  4. Br. MR,

    As salaam ‘alaikum wa rahamatullah.

    I saw your post addressing me on another website, so I thought I’d check yours out and post here instead. Its a very interesting initiative you have going on here. May Allah continue to grant you tawfeeq. Aameen.

    To address the question you posed, yes it is me. And it’s a pleasure to be of your acquaintance.

    Take care, and all the best.
    Was salaam ‘alaikum wa rahamatullah
    ~Navaid Aziz

  5. Nice to meet you. Hopefull we will become friends and you can teach me some things. I am have been looking for a religion. I grew up in a Christian home. Yes my mother is a Christian. I didn’t no my father that well before he was killed when I was a child. So I never asked what is religion was. I just love your site. Its very Intresting very.

  6. Salaam, I have a question but theres alot behind it
    im 17 and i for a while now have been having trouble at home and i am deciding to leave
    should i or not
    the reaso im asking you is because none of th imams have a contact page or anything

  7. Mohammed Ali on January 1, 2008 at 6:47 pm said:

    Salaam, I have a question but theres alot behind it
    im 17 and i for a while now have been having trouble at home and i am deciding to leave
    should i or not
    the reaso im asking you is because none of th imams have a contact page or anything


    You can visit these Imam’s blogs here and ask them for assistanc:



  8. Shias? Muslims? Are they hell like Muslism. #Shias are the ones that are giving bad name to us muslims. shias are the ones that have divided our religion. Shias curse the sahabas and some even consider Ali to be a prophet, some give him the status of God. So how can Shias be muslims when muslims are people who believe that God alone has power and is unique. i dont see us sunnis giving Muhammad (Sallallaho.Alaihi.Wasallam) Such a high status like a God (Na-u-zubillah) personally Shias shunt even be called Muslism. they shud only be known as Shias, thats it.

  9. Muslimah on January 28, 2008 at 10:38 am said:

    Shias? Muslims? Are they hell like Muslism. #Shias are the ones that are giving bad name to us muslims. shias are the ones that have divided our religion. Shias curse the sahabas and some even consider Ali to be a prophet, some give him the status of God. So how can Shias be muslims when muslims are people who believe that God alone has power and is unique. i dont see us sunnis giving Muhammad (Sallallaho.Alaihi.Wasallam) Such a high status like a God (Na-u-zubillah) personally Shias shunt even be called Muslism. they shud only be known as Shias, thats it.

    i agree with u all da wayy

  10. Alhamdullilah, I donno wat to say….

    When I talk about Dhikr and tassawuf with many of my Arab broz here, their knowledge about it is lesser than a decimal, and say that it is biddah, and with that they also say, it is the culture of the Indian sub – continent which was rubbed on to life when people became muslims.

    I know that their theory there was pure bull $#!T.

    But Dammmm, the existence of a bro from Guyana (who believes in tasawwuf) just shatters that stupid and mindless mindset that they have, well I thank GOD for creating you, and would like to thank n congratulate you for making this website, and spreading the light.

    May the peace and blessings of Allah almighty be with all of you.

  11. A.S

    Ok, well I don’t really have an opinion about Shias cuz i dont kno wht it means to be shia, im sunni. I have a question about tasawwuf…what is it? whts it mean.


  12. Assalamu Alaikum,

    It says that you live in Maryland now! That’s awesome because I also live in Maryland and have been an avid reader of your site for a long time. Where exactly do you live – near Darussalaam in College Park, or ICM in Gaithersburg or Fredrick or Hagerstown or what?

  13. salaams

    Is sufism not the teaching of masters like Rumi..? so why judge and condemn ? so what if Islam and sufism was practised in india ? is there proof for this ?the arabs enlightened the people in india by teaching/enlightenment and not by condemnation.

  14. Assalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi. Mashallah, I am so proud of you akhi that you have made it so far. I only wish for you to continue this path you have been blessed to lead, for I would want such a thing for myself. May Allah reward you for your achievements, forgive you for mistakes, and may you succeed in this world and the akhirah Ameen. Sufism is an interesting convergence of Sunni and Shi’a schools, and that’s why I have accepted it as my brand of Islam. I like the Sufi brand, for I feel that through my learning of our beautiful deen’s historical record it offers a combination of liberal reforms (sciences, technologies, philosophies, politics, et al) and conservative values (of course from the Qur’an, Sunnah, ijma as-sahaba, qiyas from those, etc.) that the Muslim ummah will have to adopt if it wants to succeed, Inshallah. May Allah bless you and your family; a belated Eid Mubarak! After going to India three years later with my great Salafi experiment, my consideration of Shi’ism, and jumping from madhab to madhab, I have consolidated building upon tradition and scripture. Inshallah, this message of mine will provide harmony to me and others. I don’t want to upset anyone, but I fear it will…so reader discretion is advised. For Allah’s sake if you agree with me, try not to make it personal. I want discussion, really. Anyone who has the right to be upset, I beg the mercy of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala to forgive me from that brother or sister. So I shall proceed:

    Muharram is in a matter of days; it’s no celebratory matter. This is given Ashura, and as a Muslim I feel a sense of great sympathising sadness that seeks vengeance for the killers of Imam Hussain Raziyatallah Anhu.I learned from my ex-Shi’a friend Abdullah, a very cool Yemenite Zaydi that Shi’is often times have better brotherhood amongst themselves than Sunnis do. In fact, we have a lot to learn from the Shi’a. George Galloway has some interesting views on Syria and it’s Alawi ruler Basher al-Assad. Basically something about the Scottish MP’s speeches strikes a chord in me, and causes me to feel a sense of brotherhood with even the Shi’a.

    I’m sick of the partisanship and bickering, and I want us to move on beyond that, because I myself wasted my time in these petty matters. I don’t want you, my dear Muslim bretheren to be prodigal by getting yourself into hizbiyyah like I did. Don’t you know that the prostitutes who are our leaders are doing mut’ah all the time with the UN, NATO, the EU and other of these vile organisations? Why you focus on the Shi’a individual when we have the kaafir, zaalim, faasiq rulers (see Surah Ma’idah 5:44) We should focus on abolishing the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, ending the corruption in Egypt, finishing the nonsense in Pakistan, et cetera. It’s time to can this big stink about the Shi’a. Rafidah are kuffaar, but who’s Rafidee and why are we going to waste our time about that? In fact, Ar-Raafidah are only one of the many Shi’a sects. Learning about the Ottoman Empire, Safavid Iran appeared to be more intellectual than the House of Osman ever did. I admire that, because we should try to give credit where it’s due.

    Sunni-Shi’a schismatics is the very thing that plays into the hands of these Godless globalist bankers who seek to enslave you from your inalienable rights that Allah blessed you, ‘life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.” (Jefferson’s Declaration of Indpendence). Well, America decided to turn its coat on “democracy” by becoming the centre to the New World Order, but look at the sham in our own backyards! Saudi gives a horrible name to Muslims and oppresses Sunnis and Shi’as, and the kuffaar, worse than most of us could perceive Iran of doing. Custodian of the Ka’ba my foot! Don’t you know Rasoolallah Salallahu Alaihai Wassalam said the life of a Muslim is more important than Ka’ba and its surroundings. Besides, Iran has a high rate of education, is more balanced in woman’s rights, although it has its fair share of problems. As for my two cents, I’m a different kind of Sufi. My studies of the Ottoman ghazi tradition has influenced me in such a way where I like the classical Salafis who are not connected to Saudi and I believe we should have armed struggle against the oppression in order to re-establish the Khilafah. Nothing wrong with mysticism in your spare time, grave-worshipping, however, is not an option given that it’s shirk! If you like to bash the four establish madhabs, there is a problem with you, given that “ikhtilaaf ar-rahmat” (Umar ibn Abdul-‘Azeez, Rahimullah).

    We should strive to be like the Sahaba [Radiyallahu Anhu Ajma’een], mujahids at day, monks by night. Isn’t the Sufi the Muslim epitomy of a monk. This recent revelation means I do support the Taliban and the resistance in Iraq [whether Sunni or Shi’a, and Alhamdulillah, some brothers are working together, which is proof that there is hope for us after all!], as well as all groups Muslims who are working for the establishment of shariat across the world. Am I really Sufi or Selafi? I’m a Sunni Muslim who understands that the Muslims will have to unite if we want the good days back. Politics makes the strangest bedfellows, but yet the shahadah is the highest level of politics. There must be a way where we have support of the majority of the ummah, where we don’t corrupt our ideology in the process! Let’s try uniting under the banner of La Ilaha Ilallah Muhammadar-Rasoolallah, not under nationalism or shallow labels. Comprenden ellos, mis queridos hermanos y hermanas? No importa que somos arabes o mejicanas!

    If we consider the founding of the first Islamic state [the khilafah nabuwah] in Makkah, Muharram has another implication. 1430 is on its way; a new decade. Inshallah in the 15th century of the Hijri era, we shall strive to succeed spiritually and scripturally, working towards a better akhirah, and Inshallah ta’ala a better dunya in the process. Fiamanallah Khuda Hafiz!

  15. Dear brothers in islam

    those people who labels other muslims kafirs are takfiris.there is too much misconceptions about shia doctrine.shias niether say that Ali was a prophet nor a shia killed Umar.WE have too much in common to make us united and to fight the real enemy.It is time for unity among muslims

  16. Assalamualykum,

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    From this moment i declaire that u said :i accept shias in Islam. But ALLAH s.w.t get them off this deen they are mushrikeen bcs they gets dead people and search a help 2 ppl in works that just ALLAH can help us .the shias are like the mushrik-keens in the time of Muhammad s.a.w.s they do the same thinks like them ,but even that the shias are worst that the old mushrik-keens .im declaring that i have seen your comments and i am saying that u dont understand what ISLAM is calling for but u are a jahhiloon u have not understand what the salafi call in the real Tawheed it knowns that in this moment u are a kuffar and if u wnna accept ISLAM and learn Tawheed .o will send this link to you so i hope we are gonna be brothers in this deen

  18. As Salaam Mu Alaykum

    firstly just to say congrats on the success of the website, may Allah increase you in faith and success.

    Being a, fellow web developer myself, I just wanted to ask you, about your advertising modules, you have on the ‘mazadiz network’. I am actually trying to build advertising, similar to your one and would love to k now what scripting language you used? the script itself or any other info in regards to it. Jazakallah.


  19. SALAM


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  20. Hi MR,

    I am visiting your website now for the first time and want to compliment you for the great work you are doing the the Muslim Ummah. People like you are in short supply but are highly needed.

    We would appreciate if you could help us in promoting the website for the Association For Discussion Of National Issues Of Saudi Arabia (ADNISA) on your website. The association’s purpose is to discuss the issues of Saudis and Muslims around the globe. Your assistance in promoting ADNISA would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  21. Salam MR

    May Allah accept your fasting and bless your Eid…

    I thought to drop a word of endorsement and encouragement to keep steadfast on this path; it’s not easy bro… with all the BS and polarization that is going around; us Muslims have a long way to go to break from our own self-imposed chains of limited thinking and hypocrisy! Your blog is a true breath of fresh air in the midst of stand-still.


    Basem (from Jordan)

  22. Assalamu alaikum MR!

    this is my first time visit and now i am a regular reader of your blog! Actually am really looking for such blogs.

    I’ve added this site to my site’s favorite. I wish u all the best to keep it running.

    @ brothers

    I appreciate Amal’s comment. how can we define who is muslim or not? 😮 Allah knows best! the true fact i discover that whenever the term Shia comes, sunnis always start blaming them. (you may be noticed that! ;-p)
    there r many misconceptions among us about Shias! we don’t have the right to say them “mushrik-keens” who believe in our beloved prophet(p) as the rasool of Almighty.

    Now at this situation where we are, we really need to be united!

    I LOVE TO SAY THAT I’M A MUSLIM (and nothing else except that)!

  23. Hey mr, after reading “Regarding the Shia, I accept them as Muslims and no comment after that. When it comes to people of Al-Qaeda and other extremist Muslims, I do not agree with them on their views on Jihad nor do I condone their actions. God knows best.”
    I respect you even more.

  24. Assalamu alaikum MR!
    well said tanweer my bro..the whole topic is about shia and sunni…i want to mention here that not only sunni’s have misconception about shia but shia’s also have a lot of misconception about sunni too…so its not a mater of fact that who is right or wrong…i strongly believe that no one of us have tried to understand the basic difference between shia and sunni…rather we are very much interested in putting blame to each other which has no existence…dear friend the first and formost lesson of islam is spreading huminity not spreading hatred…
    i would like to clear that niether ali(a.s) is considered as prophet or god, nor the dignity of prophet is not clear to shia….i would like to draw ur kind attention that stop spreading this kind of irrelevent message in regard to shia….which have no existence.apart from this i would like to say that i am shia,,,,but i have a huge respect for sunni too….i dnt find any reson that they are wrong at any place….infact we hv little bit difference in performing nemaz….but i have no hesitation to say that i can perform nemaz in both way because i personaly believwe that both type of nemaz is performed by our prophet(a.s)….and in the end of the day prophet way is our way….so man stop spreading hatred….its time to think beyond the limit of one culture…its time to be unite…and let the world know that what islam is????????

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