Indian Politician Converts to Islam, Marries 2nd Wife, Loses Job, Disappears

I was reading this, thinking it was a Bollywood film:

Holy Matrimony: Indian Politician Converts, Takes Second Wife, Vanishes

Mr. Mohan, a Hindu, Became a Muslim to Marry His Mistress; Then Things Got Messy

CHANDIGARH, India — As India was reeling from the Mumbai terrorist attacks in December, Chander Mohan, deputy chief minister of the northern state of Haryana, made a shocking announcement.

Mr. Mohan, whose overwhelmingly Hindu state of 23 million people is among India’s most prosperous, declared that he had converted to Islam. The 43-year-old father of two added that he had also just wed a second wife, another Muslim convert.

What’s happened since has all the trappings of a Bollywood plot, replete with an alleged kidnapping and mysterious disappearances. The drama’s serious subtext shows how crucial religious identity remains in a country that bills itself as the world’s largest secular democracy.

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Mumbai Attacks [UPDATE: Some victims were Muslims]

Update: Some of the vicitms are Muslims.  You can see the list here.  Many of the names are clearly Muslim such as Mohammed Ansari, Abdul Shaikh Sohel, Abdul Razak, Asif Mohamed, and others.

These are attacks are really sad, becuase India has a large population of Muslims and some of the victims undoubtedly are Muslims.  Regardless of who the victims are, all of them came to Mumbai to stay at the hotels and visit some amazing architecture which Muslims built.  Now we have some idiots who claim to be “mujahideen” killing these innocent people.  Really makes me mad on why some of these terrorists think when they do these things.  Then again these terrorists do not follow the Qur’an or Sunnah.  They follow their leaders who have brainwashed them.  There is also a possibility that they could not be Muslim and just a group trying to make Muslims look bad.  I can definitely seeing extremist Hindu groups doing this.

There are Muslims in the government, in the police, in the army, in the hospitals and everyone in India (even in Bollywood!).  I pray and hope that these attacks will not bring a wave of Islamophobia in India against the majority (99%) of the Muslims there.

On another side note, the news media has calimed that the “Deccan Mujahideen” have claimed responsibility, but the US inteligence does not believe that.  I don’t have a source, I just heard it on CNN on TV.