Jihad Failure: From Mujahideen to Thugs

Illegal Arms trade and Drug/Human Trafficking

Where do the Muslims get weapons?

The non-Muslims.

Arms dealers in Russia, China, Europe and America love to sell weapons to rich Muslims who then funnel it to other groups who then trade it to other groups and so on until it gets into the hand of a soldier who begins firing it at either a “deviant” Muslims and/or the opposing foreign forces in their country. In other words the only winners are the illegal arms dealers around the world who are making money off the blood of Muslims (mostly). This is why I strongly oppose groups who deal with arms dealers who help fund their illegal business that usually include arms dealing, drug dealing and human trafficking (sex slaves of young girls).

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Russian-Chechnyian War Ends?

MOSCOW — Russia officially ended what it called its counterterrorism operation in the southern region of Chechnya on Thursday with an announcement that carried symbolic weight as the end of a decade of Muslim separatist battles for independence.

If this is in fact actually true, then alhamdulillah. May Allah continue to help and protect the people of Chechnya.


Mass Protests Around the World due to Global Recession

I find this interesting that we don’t see or hear anything about the people who are protesting in France, Iceland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia and other places in the world but when their are Muslim protests it is shown on the American mainstream media. Muslims aren’t the only ones that get violent during protests.

Russia to build missile defense system in Syria?!

Look at this:

Syria says it’s ready to put a Russian missile system on its soil as a counterweight to U.S. plans to deploy a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. The offer was made during a meeting between Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad and President Dmitry Medvedev in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Cold War 2? It’s about time that the America realizes its no longer the only super power.