Young Jeezy’s shirk free understanding of Islam


By my nephews and nieces, I will email Jesus
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah


So my tafsir on this is that Young Jeezy believes the Christians go to Jesus (peace be upon him) for help, the Jews go to Moses (peace be upon him), and Muslims go to Allah. There is your shirk free rhyme. May Allah guide him.

Farid – Qiyam and Witr – T-pain song Haramtender to Halalmix – Funny

Warning – contains musical instruments (percussion).

With all due respect to the lyrics, I find the entire song hilarious. Taking something extremely haram and adding halal lyrics, doesn’t make it any better to me, but the brother can sing (with the help of auto tunes).

As we know, T-Pain is a Muslim (may Allah guide him). I wonder what his reaction will be if he hears this. InshaAllah may Allah guide him and us all.

Sh. Kamal el Mekki – Why the Scholars need to be used to fight Extremism

This is an extremely important topic in which Sh. Kamal el Mekki explains why Muslim scholars need to keep Muslims in check. He defends Sh. Tawfique Choudhury’s article explaining it further.

[audio:] Download (mp3)

This answered a lot of my questions I had in my earlier post here. May Allah (swt) bless Sh. Kamal and Sh. Tawfique.

Nader Khan – Amazing New Nasheed Artist

This brother has a good voice especially when he is singing in Urdu or Arabic.   Here are a few samples from his first album that hasn’t been released yet. These samples contain musical instruments (percussion only). He does not use any wind or string instruments. He plans on releasing non instrumental ones in the future.

Nader Khan – Faslon Ko Takkalluf

Nader Khan – Ahl Al Bayt

Nader Khan – The Most Beautiful Names

Nader Khan – Marhaba

Nader Khan – Allahu

Nader Khan – The Sound of Tears

Nader Khan – The Quest

Nader Khan – Take my Hand

Nader Khan is a Canadian Muslim singer/songwriter, who grew up in Hyderabad, India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He’s been based in the Greater Toronto Area since the early nineties.

Nader has had the good fortune of performing with artists like Ustadh Adnan Srajeldin and Dawud Wharnsby-Ali. His first album contains songs in English, Arabic, and Urdu, and is scheduled for release in the coming weeks. He hopes to include Punjabi and Farsi songs on future releases.

Check out his website here.

Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon and Swissbeatz Recite Qur’an in Arab Money Remix!

May Allah (swt) forgive us all! I recently blogged about Busta Rhymes song, Arab Money, and how it was insulting to Islam, Muslims and Arabs, but now his remix has gone way to far!  Although this is a huge dawah incentive, becuase many people will inquire, “What is Busta saying?”. This is an open letter to them:

Open Letter to Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon and Swissbeatz


Asalamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh my dear brothers in Islam Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon and Swissbeatz.

All praise is due to Allah (swt).  Lord of the worlds.  It is Allah whom we worship and only Allah we go to for help.  It is Allah who has given us everything and it is Allah who will take everything away.

Busta – I recently heard your song called Arab Money and I was disappointed at it.  I posted my reflection here.  Now you have a remix with Akon, T-Pain and Swissbeatz who are also Muslims a long with other rappers like Diddy.

All of you understand that the Qur’an is the word of Allah (swt) and that it should be treated with the utmost respect.  I am not going to judge your intentions but only give you sincere advice.  I am not sure if you are aware of the ruling on music in Islam but I advise you to seek knowledge, read the Qur’an, the Hadith and consult with Muslim scholars in America regrading music in Islam.

It may be your intention was to praise Allah and give thanks to Him for all the money you have been blessed (or tested) with which is a good thing, but the way the song is presented is disrespectful and may stir emotions amongst the Muslim community.

I sincerely ask you to check out Halal Tube and listen to some lectures there.  You can download the audio lectures in MP3 format and add it to you iPod/iPhone and listen to it while you travel around the country and world.

Anything good I have said is from Allah (swt) and anything bad I said is from myself.  Please forgive me if I have offended any of you.



Here is the audio clip:

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Busta Rhymes’s new song, “Arab Money” is insulting to Islam, Muslims and Arabs

Update: The remix is even worse!

I find this song somewhat insulting and somewhat amusing. The supposedly “Arabic” phrase the chorus uses sounds like a drunk crack addict trying to recite the first half the shahada but then jokes around at the end. Busta also talks about gambling with Arafat, astagfirAllah. I dont know which Arafat he is referring to but there is only one popular Arafat that America knows and that is the deceased Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat (may Allah forgive him and grant him Jannah.).

The only good thing I found from the lyrics was this line:

I make you bow down and make salat like a Muslim

Maybe Busta forgot that there is no compulsion in the deen unless he was addressing the Muslims.

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Malik Obama, the Half Brother of Barack Obama: “I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

[audio: malik-obama-inteview-israel.mp3]

“I don’t think that’s in any way going to be something to worry about. I myself am not speaking for him. But we are here, we love people in general. People love us. I myself love people who love me. You know, so, everything’s mutual. I can’t go [sic] in terms of Israel and Kenya and America, and so forth, you know, but based on what else I’ve heard him say and what I know of him as an individual, I don’t think Israel should worry too much, you know, about the connection. Because, I am a Muslim myself, and I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

This was a radio interview with an Israeli or Palestinian station.  Not sure which station, but ABC News got it from the Israeli Army Radio.  The reason I think it could be a Palestinian one is that at the end of the interview he says “Asalamualykum”, acknowledging he was being interviewed by a Musim.  I don’t think Israeli stations have Muslims on them so this is why I assume it might have been a Palestinian one.  Besides that point, I think Malik was right to say what he said.  It doesn’t matter if Barack Obama’s half brother is a Muslim.

It’s really amazing how God has planned all this out and there is a strong possibility that the next President of the United States will have a Muslim lineage.  God is the best of all planners.

Lil Wayne Praises Allah in “A Millie”



Lil Wayne says “and the almighty power of Allah” in the song “A Millie” featured on one of his songs from one of his mixtapes. It is also strange how the radio versions of the song replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”. The song was so popular that it was added to his new album coming out “C3” and guess what, the album version also replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”.

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Islamic Toolbar

UPDATE: The toolbar is no longer being supported and updated. It has been discontinued.

This is really cool and something new to the online Muslim ummah: an Islamic toolbar. It began just for the University of Waterloo MSA, but the brother who developed it contacted me and said he is expanding it for all Muslims around the world. It features:

  • RSS feed of News, Blogs, etc. all related to Islam and Muslims
  • A radio that features Nasheeds (MR Radio is featured on it)
  • Google-powered search bar
  • 10 Islamic TV channels

You can find out more info and download it here. Here is a screen shot: islamic-toolbar.JPG