RIS 2009: Salman al-Oudah (Awda), Abdullah bin Bayyah, Habib Ali and others

Amazing line up of speakers at this year’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during the weekend of December 25 to 27, 2009. I wonder if the big names will be at the RIS Retreat which is a week-long program. I went to two of them and highly recommend it.
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Canadians: Go to JOF!

ISNA is the same weekend as JOF but it’s in DC which is much closer for me (and I already planned to go before I knew of JOF), but for all the brothers and sisters in Canada, JOF is in your country, meaning you won’t have to cross the border and face our lovely homeland security check points.

SWAT RELIEF: The Million For 3 Million Fundraising Campaign

SWAT RELIEF: The Million For 3 Million Fundraising Campaign

Toronto Event replaced with Online Fundraising.

Dear readers, May Peace and Blessings from God be with you.

Due to the overwhelming positive response that we’ve received online, from Australia, to California, to the UK, and the UAE, we’ve consulted with our team, and have decided to call off the upcoming relief event at Pearl Banquet Hall in Toronto on Saturday, June 27th. We’re going to aim a little higher.

We want to raise no less than $1 Million for our displaced and desperate brothers and sisters in Swat. We obviously can’t do this without your active support, promotion, involvement, and help.

The process is very simple.

JihadUnspun.com Owner Kidnapped by the Taliban

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – “I am Khadija Abdul Qahaar. I am a convert to Islam. I have been advised to make this video. I am going to be killed at anytime.” So began a chilling video released on Wednesday by Taliban militants who are holding Qahaar, a Canadian woman, hostage somewhere in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Source: MSNBC, globeandmail.com

It appears the Taliban don’t even appreciate their own supporters.  The founder of JihadUnspun.com, Khadija Abdul Qahar, who is a Canadian convert to Islam was kidnapped by the Taliban and will be headed if the Taliban aren’t paid.  The crazy thing about all of this is that JihadUnspun.com is known for its support of the Taliban and attacking America’s war on Afghanistan.  Even the pro-Taliban supporters are confused now. Some say that Khadija is a CIA agent, other say the Taliban have nothing to do with this.  The reality is, she is in grave danger as this video proves it, unless its one big hoax to get money for the Taliban which is straight up not the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him).  I don’t know of any example where the Muslims during the time of the Prophet (saas) would lie to get money from their enemies.

May Allah (swt) protect her and guide all the Muslims to the Truth.

Missing RIS…

RIS is going on right now. I’m seeing the pictures people have put up and I can only feel sadness in my heart from missing such a beneficial and blessed convention.


Nader Khan – Amazing New Nasheed Artist

This brother has a good voice especially when he is singing in Urdu or Arabic.   Here are a few samples from his first album that hasn’t been released yet. These samples contain musical instruments (percussion only). He does not use any wind or string instruments. He plans on releasing non instrumental ones in the future.

Nader Khan – Faslon Ko Takkalluf

Nader Khan – Ahl Al Bayt

Nader Khan – The Most Beautiful Names

Nader Khan – Marhaba

Nader Khan – Allahu

Nader Khan – The Sound of Tears

Nader Khan – The Quest

Nader Khan – Take my Hand

Nader Khan is a Canadian Muslim singer/songwriter, who grew up in Hyderabad, India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He’s been based in the Greater Toronto Area since the early nineties.

Nader has had the good fortune of performing with artists like Ustadh Adnan Srajeldin and Dawud Wharnsby-Ali. His first album contains songs in English, Arabic, and Urdu, and is scheduled for release in the coming weeks. He hopes to include Punjabi and Farsi songs on future releases.

Check out his website here.