Awakening Records Responds to Sami Yusuf’s Allegations [Update: Official Press Release]

Update: Here is the official press relesae from Awakening (source):

Without You Album Release and Awakening Records

19th January 2009

It has come to the attention of Awakening Records that there are certain rumours and statements circulating claiming that Sami Yusuf has left Awakening Records and that Awakening Records is releasing Without You – the third album of Sami Yusuf – without his approval and that the album merely consists of demos. Awakening Records has so far taken careful steps to not publicly disclose any information or discuss the matter in order to minimise any harm to Sami Yusuf, his fan base or even Awakening Records itself. However, Awakening Records would like to clarify that:

1. Awakening Records is a reputable worldwide company and takes every measure to ensure that it has full rights to release a product and deliver it to the highest quality. It will not jeopardise its relationship with its partners, artists, customers, investors and supporters by releasing a product that it has no right to release. 

2. Awakening Records has produced pioneering Islamic music albums since 2003 to provide an alternative cultural vision for the global Muslim community. In this effort, it identified, supported, supervised and managed the work of Sami Yusuf since May 2003. 

3. First and foremost by God’s grace, then through the gifted talent of Sami Yusuf and with huge investment and tremendously hard work undertaken by Awakening Records, Sami Yusuf is now a household name across the global Muslim community inspiring millions of Muslim youth to be proud of their faith and identity. 

4. Sami Yusuf is signed exclusively to Awakening Records for five albums. Awakening Records has previously released two albums – Al-Muallim and My Ummah and the third album Without You was released on Monday 12th of January 2009. Under the current agreements, all recordings are exclusively owned by Awakening Records. 

5. Awakening Records has made substantial payments to Sami Yusuf for the third album which was due for release in August 2008 – as advertised on since May 2008 – and has full exclusive rights to release and distribute the album worldwide. Any other individual or company releasing any of Sami Yusuf’s music albums or works can only do so by infringing the copyrights held by Awakening Records. 

6. The third album is a complete and high quality album. It consists of 11 professionally recorded studio tracks owned by Awakening Records. All of the songs were composed, arranged and recorded by Sami Yusuf and so were all the vocals without exception. 

7. Due to some internal contractual disputes – primarily resulting from third party interferences – Awakening Records had initially decided to postpone the release of the album till the outstanding matters were resolved. 

8. It now seems that the dispute will take longer than expected to resolve and thus Awakening Records has decided to release the third album whilst other outstanding contractual issues are resolved. It is not in the interest of Awakening Records or Sami Yusuf to continue to put all work on hold indefinitely. 

9. The matter is not in the courts as claimed but is currently being dealt with by lawyers representing Sami Yusuf and Awakening Records. 

10. It has further come to the attention of Awakening Records that certain people are taking this opportunity to spread false information and rumours about Awakening Records and Sami Yusuf. Despite what is happening, Awakening Records holds Sami Yusuf in high esteem and is proud to have him as one of its artists. We urge people to refrain from spreading uncorroborated and partial information that only harms Sami Yusuf and Awakening Records. 

11. The relationship between Awakening Records and Sami Yusuf is not merely contractual. All the directors of Awakening Records without exception are close personal friends of Sami Yusuf and hence the matter is very delicate, sensitive and complicated. 

12. The issue is best left to be sorted out by Awakening Records, Sami Yusuf and their respective lawyers. Awakening Records is not willing to engage in gossip about its artists. Such action is not only unethical but also un-Islamic. Awakening Records has no intention to make this matter a public debacle and will thus issue no further statements. 

Although contractual disputes are the norm in the ‘music industry’, it is unfortunate and it deeply saddens us that it has come to this. However, we are hopeful that matters will be resolved amicably and as swiftly as possible. In the meantime, enjoy the creative brilliance of Sami Yusuf’s long awaited third album, which can be purchased, iTunes and music stores worldwide. Awakening Records is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the album to Islamic Relief’s Gaza Appeal.

Awakening Records
19th January 2009

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Sami Yusuf: “Awakening Records have released what they claim to be my third album”

Update: Awakening has responded to Sami Yusuf’s allegations.

Disclaimer: This issue is between Awakening Records and Sami Yusuf.  Awakening Records is the child-company of Awakening which releases Islamic books and also Islamic lectures.  We should still support and buy these products from them.  Sami Yusuf is calling for a boycott of his CD that they released without his permission according to him.

If you go to, you will see the promo page regarding his new album.  Apparently that is not Sami Yusuf’s official site and he has been in dispute with Awakening Records for a while now.  His official site,, Sami post this:

Assalamu alaikom,

This morning I was made aware that Awakening Records have released what they claim to be my third album, which they are offering for sale on their website. I realize that this will be welcome news for many people, but my loyal supporters need to know that this album release is NOT taking place with my blessing OR my consent!

The tracks they have chosen to release are ‘work in progress’ and are almost entirely based on stolen mp3 demos that are far from complete and are certainly not of the high standard, lyrically, musically and technically, that I always insist upon. Consequently, for me to hear these incomplete recordings, that only represent a sketch of what I would wish to release for my discerning supporters, is painful beyond description. I therefore wish to make it perfectly clear that an album comprised of any such recordings could only be put on to the market against my wishes and without my specific approval.

I need to explain that, for the past year, I have been in dispute with Awakening Records, the main thrust of my grievances being their total lack of transparency in dealing with me. I have made strenuous efforts to resolve the accumulated issues that I kept turning a blind eye to, all the while maintaining a measured, polite and dignified means of communication, but to no avail.

Personally, I’m able to cope with the aggravation that I’ve had to endure during this past year, but I will NOT tolerate my brothers and sisters and my many loyal supporters being cheated, lied to and made a mockery of. BOYCOTT THEM!! They are unworthy of your support, in addition to which I can’t bear the thought of you shelling out your hard earned cash for music pretending to be my finest work, which it certainly isn’t! Equally unbearable is allowing these people who have abused my trust to profit from selling my music in a form that they know full well is incomplete and which, arguably, doesn’t even belong to them.

Please be patient.  I am in the process of completing my album which will be ready in just a few short weeks and which I will make available at the earliest opportunity, but only when it is completed to my total satisfaction and which represents my musical, lyrical and spiritual hopes and aspirations for us all.

One thing that I will do, as a sign of my affection and respect for those many people of every nationality around the world that have supported me over these past years, is work through the night to prepare MY version of Palestine Forever and provide it as a free download on my new website:

Check it out tomorrow and keep the faith!

God bless you ALL


It is unfortunate that we have this problem between these two parties.

Here is the song by Sami Yusuf entitled “Palestine Forever” (contains musical instruments):


Journey to Mecca with Ibn Battuta (IMAX Movie) [Update with trailer!]

Update: Shaykh Khalil sent me the trailer. I can’t embed but it’s on facebook here.

Movie synopsis:

Ibn Battuta is one of the greatest travelers in history, journeying three times further than Marco Polo. JOURNEY TO MECCA IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF IBN BATTUTA tells the story of Ibn Battuta’s perilous and awe-inspiring two year journey from Tangiers to Mecca in the 1320’s, and includes extraordinary footage of the Hajj as it was experienced in the 14th century, and as it is experienced today by millions of people — images never seen before on the Giant Screen.

Belal from Leechon says:

I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to go see this film in the IMAX and bring ALL your friends along. The movie is about 45 mins long and follows Ibn Batutta beginning his journey with the Hajj.

Visually this film is a beautiful eye-candy treat. They’ve taken you into the past of what it was like to go to Hajj in the olden days and have paralled it with what it’s like today.

The filming of this movie was done last year and they’ve done a mighty fine job.

I just need to find out if it’s showing near me.

Thanks to David, here is the official movie website (currently under construction). You can also find it on IMDB and Big Movie Zone.

Saudi Arabia Considering to Open Movie Theaters after Three Decades

Sheikh Ibrahim al-Gaith, head of the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, made the concession after last week’s breakthrough public showings in Jeddah of the comedy feature “Manahi”.

“A movie could possibly be acceptable if it serves good and is suitable under Islam,” Sheikh Gaith said.

Gaith pulled back from comments he made two days earlier branding movies “an absolute evil” in the wake of screenings in the Red Sea port city.

“I did not say that we reject all cinema, but I said that we were not consulted during the organisation of these movie showings,” he explained.

For more than a week from Dec 9, the Rotana entertainment group, controlled by Saudi tycoon Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, showed “Manahi” to rapturous audiences in Jeddah and nearby Taif.

The screenings, approved by the provincial governor, Prince Khalid al-Faisal, sparked hopes that Saudi Arabia would soon allow public cinemas.

Before the first projection of the film, local religious police inspected the facility, a 1,200 seat conference hall, to make sure that men and women would remain separated, adhering to the country’s strict laws on separation of unrelated members of the opposite sexes.

For the three showings daily, women sat in the balcony of the hall while men and boys were on the ground floor.

There are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia, but some coffee shops surreptitiously put on movies for customers and many Saudis enjoy films at home on DVD and satellite television.

To experience a cinema, they have to travel to nearby Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates or other countries.

Hope the good outweighs the bad with this move, inshaAllah. Has anyone heard of the movie, “Manahi”?


Nader Khan – Amazing New Nasheed Artist

This brother has a good voice especially when he is singing in Urdu or Arabic.   Here are a few samples from his first album that hasn’t been released yet. These samples contain musical instruments (percussion only). He does not use any wind or string instruments. He plans on releasing non instrumental ones in the future.

Nader Khan – Faslon Ko Takkalluf

Nader Khan – Ahl Al Bayt

Nader Khan – The Most Beautiful Names

Nader Khan – Marhaba

Nader Khan – Allahu

Nader Khan – The Sound of Tears

Nader Khan – The Quest

Nader Khan – Take my Hand

Nader Khan is a Canadian Muslim singer/songwriter, who grew up in Hyderabad, India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He’s been based in the Greater Toronto Area since the early nineties.

Nader has had the good fortune of performing with artists like Ustadh Adnan Srajeldin and Dawud Wharnsby-Ali. His first album contains songs in English, Arabic, and Urdu, and is scheduled for release in the coming weeks. He hopes to include Punjabi and Farsi songs on future releases.

Check out his website here.

Deen Tight – Hip Hop & Islam Documentary

Looks very interesting. Putting aside the fiqh issue of music, this community is probably the largest group with the American Muslim youth community. Even for those who don’t listen to a drop of music, you’ll here brothers droping “yo son” or “sup” or “what’s good homie” and all of these elements are pat of Hip Hop culture. Even the scholars have learned the lingo of the Hip Hop culuture in order to communicate to the youth such as Imam Suhaib Webb and Imam Abdul Malik.

Another aspect is that Hip Hop in the Muslim world is extremely popular and widely accepted. Even in the streets of Mecca. Whether it is good or bad, and whether it is halal or haram, Hip Hop culture is a dominating factor amongst Muslim youth. Even if you look at the young Muslims who are strict with their opinion on music and don’t listen to anything, you will see them listening to spoken-word poetry which is basically hip-hop/rap without the beat. You will find many institutes and organizations using non-instrumental music that contains beats from the hip-hop world (beat-boxing, etc.).

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The First HD Quality Amateur Comedy/Spoof Muslim Video – SunnahBack

This is the first peek in to G2: Return of the Lota. As everyone expected, one of the many scenes that G2 will feature is the Halal Mixtape 2 scene, and this is the video for the song “SunnahBack”, one of the parody songs from the Halal Mixtape 2. This song is about how we need to get our sunnah on in our lives. Enjoy this video and remember, this isn’t a real song, we’re just acting, and its comedy, with a message! Enjoy!
No musical instruments.
Click here to watch in HD quality

Sunnah Back – G2: Return of the Lota from LotaPani Pictures on Vimeo.

Sneakpeak to Gandaghee 2: Return to the Lota.