UK to label products “Israeli Settlement Produce” from illegal settlements in Palestine

Props to the UK government for doing this. Boycotting these products will be boycotting terrorists.

Britain has acted to increase pressure on Israel over its West Bank settlements by advising UK supermarkets on how to distinguish between foods from the settlements and Palestinian-manufactured goods.

The government’s move falls short of a legal requirement but is bound to increase the prospects of a consumer boycott of products from those territories. Israeli officials and settler leaders were tonight highly critical of the decision.

Until now, food has been simply labelled “Produce of the West Bank”, but the new, voluntary guidance issued by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), says labels could give more precise information, like “Israeli settlement produce” or “Palestinian produce”.

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UK: Charity Week

Charity Week is a grass-roots projects started in 2004 by a small team of London University students. Organized by the University of London Union Islamic Society (ULU ISoc) and in partnership with Islamic Relief, it remains one of the most successful and powerful projects ULU ISoc organizes to date. The initial aim was to raise awareness amongst the youth and communities about the tragic state of orphans around the world.

Countless Universities take part in Charity Week all over Britain, and over 5 years have raised a magnificent total of £931,000! 100% has been donated to Islamic Relief’s Orphans Campaign with ZERO admin fees. Therefore every penny is delivered directly to orphans and, amongst many things, is what makes Charity Week so special and loved across the nation!

People from the UK find very random and strange things funny, but then again they probably look at us as idiots. Good cause though, mashaAllah.

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UK cuts Israel weapons contracts

The UK has revoked five export licences for equipment to the Israeli navy because of actions during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza this year.

The British Foreign office said the exports would now contravene its criteria for arms sales, but denied that it had imposed a partial embargo.

The UK says it does not sell weapons which might be used for internal repression or external aggression.
Israel says its troops complied fully with international law during missions.

Thank you UK. Please continue to cut off all military contracts with Israel. Please also advise your sister, America. Thanks!


ISNA 2009 – Lawung – Trendy Islamic Clothing

I was walking through the bazaar and out of nowhere I saw this booth:

Then I saw some familiar faces that I haven’t seen in a while.  One of the brothers came out of nowhere and had this big smile and wide open eyes.  We greeted each other and began talking about how we haven’t seen each other in a long time.

To make a long story short, my former local masjid when I use to live in NY use to bring huffadh (those who memorize the entire Qur’an) from the a Darul Uloom school in the UK.  One Ramadan these two brothers came and I spent my entire Ramadan with them almost every night and weekend.  They came again for another Ramadan and we became good friends. Now fast foward to ISNA 2009, i came to discover they have their own successful, mashaAllah, Islamic clothing company.  Now most clothing companies that make Islamic clothing aren’t really professional like Macy’s or Sears, but these brothers were on top of their game.

The thoubs are off the hook, mashaAllah! It has been something I have been waiting for a long time. These brothers are extremely professional about their presnetation and sale even the bag it comes in was amazing. One brother told me he just wanted the bag. It was that good. I interviewed one of the brothers at the Lawung booth.

Interview with Bro Uzair of Lawung:

Alhamdulillah I have talked to the brothers and inshaAllah I am in the process of becoming an agent in America for distributing Lawung products. So if you like what you see and what to purchase some products, let me know inshaAllah. Make a comment with your email address and I’ll contact you.

How MI5 blackmails British Muslims

Five Muslim community workers have accused MI5 of waging a campaign of blackmail and harassment in an attempt to recruit them as informants.

The men claim they were given a choice of working for the Security Service or face detention and harassment in the UK and overseas.

They have made official complaints to the police, to the body which oversees the work of the Security Service and to their local MP Frank Dobson. Now they have decided to speak publicly about their experiences in the hope that publicity will stop similar tactics being used in the future.

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Quilliam Foundation’s Fear-Mongering “Alert” on Islam Channel

A few days ago I was reading a rather inflammatory piece: a piece that was billed as an “alert” (packing “urgency”) about issues that were no more urgent than my need to redo the paint in my kitchen. It was a piece that combined innuendo, hot-button words, labels, guilt-by-association, and extreme fear-mongering. In its tone, it resembled writing that would typically be more comfortable appearing on LGF, jihadwatch, frontpagemagazine or Harry’s Place (in UK).

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Archbishop of Canterbury: God ‘will not give happy ending’

archbishop-canterbury-rowan-williamsI think this man is secretly reading the Qur’an.

God will not intervene to prevent humanity from wreaking disastrous damage to the environment, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

In a lecture, Dr Rowan Williams urged a “radical change of heart” to prevent runaway climate change.

At York Minster he said humanity should turn away from the selfishness and greed that leads it to ignore its interdependence with the natural world.

It’s called the diseases of the heart my brother of another faith.

And God would not guarantee a “happy ending”, he warned.

Dr Williams has often spoken out about environmental issues.

The “happy ending” is yawm al qiyaamah. It’s happy for some and unhappy for others.

‘Ultimate tragedy’

Speaking on Wednesday he said just as God gave humans free will to do “immeasurable damage” to themselves as individuals it seemed “clear” they had the same “terrible freedom” as a human race.

“I think that to suggest that God might intervene to protect us from the corporate folly of our practices is as unchristian and unbiblical as to suggest that he protects us from the results of our individual folly or sin,” he said.

Word. It’s called riba (usury, interest). This is result of it.  On to the rest of the article:

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UK teens volunteer for the IDF

British teenagers are working on army bases across Israel after being asked to help by the IDF.

The army approached the FZY youth movement, along with its American sister group Young Judea, to ask if participants on its year programme could volunteer. Teens from the religious Zionist movement, B’nei Akiva, also volunteered. Some IDF bases had been understaffed as soldiers were deployed to Gaza. The teenagers began working on eight bases across Israel on Sunday, packing kits for soldiers in Gaza, checking equipment for faults and monitoring stocks.

Gemma Geffin from London, 19, said: “We are spending our days packing the kits for the soldiers who are going into Gaza. Before we came I didn’t realise how much our presence here is directly helping the country.”

Sofia Lever, 19, from London, described it as “amazing”.

What happens when Muslims volunteer? Oh wait, nevermind.