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Canadians: Go to JOF!

ISNA is the same weekend as JOF but it’s in DC which is much closer for me (and I already planned to go before I knew of JOF), but for all the brothers and sisters in Canada, JOF is in your country, meaning you won’t have to cross the border and face our lovely homeland security check points.

UFC flyer5x7 C

The website for the event appears to be still under construction.

Source: IslamCrunch post here.

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    CEO of Muxlim at Georgia Tech – June 6, 2009



    More info –


    The Divine Link

    Fiqh of Salah

    Shaykh Yaser Birjas

    June 5-7 & 13-14, 2009

    Fridays: 7pm-10pm
    Sat & Sun: 10am-7pm

    George Mason University, Room – Enterprise 80
    4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA
    Google Maps

    More information about the seminar here.

    Enroll online here.


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  • Journey of Faith Conference in Toronto, Canada – 2009

    The 2nd Annual Journey of Faith Conference is during the July 4th weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Center (Centre) in Toronto, Canada. More info here.
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    Young Muslims (YM) Conference 2009 in Hartford, CT


    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “…Indeed there is in the body a piece of flesh which if it is sound then the whole body is sound, and if it is corrupt then the whole body is corrupt. Indeed it is the heart.”
    [Bukhari & Muslim]

    Make this summer unforgettable by starting it off right at Youth Conference 2009, a Young Muslims hosted event running parallel to the annual ICNA convention. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with dynamic speakers, intensive workshops, dodgeball/basketball tournaments, qiraa competitions, entertainment sessions and much, much more! If the thought of sitting around, wasting away another Summer doesn’t appeal to you then register now and join hundreds of thousands of Muslim Youth just like you partake in an extraordinary weekend. Remember, this year YC comes early: Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25 in Hartford, CT. If you come every year or, even if you have never attended before, you will not want to miss this exciting, activity-packed weekend! Register now, we you know you want to!

    Official Website | Registration | Facebook

    Imam Siraj Wahhaj Day – Friday May 8th, 2009


    MSA National is proud to join our fellow brothers and sisters in designating Friday, May 8th as Imam Siraj Day. The goal is to raise $75,000 to help Imam Siraj Wahhaj pay for his cancer treatment. As college students, we struggle to raise a few hundred dollars to support our own MSAs. While fundraising is sometimes difficult, here is a man who raised millions of dollars for our communities, built masjids, traveled to our campuses and MSA conferences, and gave his time for the sake of others. We believe small amounts raised by the many can have a huge impact. Join the effort and contact for more information! 

    Are you participating in Imam Siraj Day? If so help us track the money raised by reporting your fundraising efforts!

    Click here for more details and here also.

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