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“Britain’s Most Powerful Muslim Woman” takes an egg

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British Muslims are very interesting

Young Jeezy’s shirk free understanding of Islam


By my nephews and nieces, I will email Jesus
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah

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So my tafsir on this is that Young Jeezy believes the Christians go to Jesus (peace be upon him) for help, the Jews go to Moses (peace be upon him), and Muslims go to Allah. There is your shirk free rhyme. May Allah guide him.

As you can see here (via TechCrunch) a few people are mad that BestBuy’s thanksgiving advertisement features a 14-letter phrase (or 15 if you count the hyphen).

Who’s going to BestBuy this weekend?

UPDATE: “Merry Christmas” BestBUY TV AD

10 Things Muslims Think Are Scarier than Halloween

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Some of them are weird, but I thought the parking lot one was funny. It would be scarry to see Muslims parking correctly, hahaha. Although if that happened it probably isn’t the masjid parking lot, haha. I would have add “not having anything to break your fast with” as one of the items.

FOX News is almost as good as Comedy Central

A radical New York imam who was once investigated as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center will share the stage Saturday night as a featured guest and speaker when the Council on American-Islamic Relations celebrates its 15th anniversary in Washington.

Continue to laugh here.

Seriously though, Imam Siraj is the man! Anyone going to this CAIR dinner? Kind of pricey for me, but now that FOX News is advertising it, it might be a hot spot with media attention.

“Muslim spies infiltrate Congress” – LOL @ Republicans

What a joke.

“Kanye West” interrupts Ilmfest

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For those who don’t understand this video will explain it:

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Taking a Leak Sunnah Style

Seriously, don’t read this sisters.  Seriously!
EDIT: Okay, so I guess if sisters want to read it, they can go ahead.

Anyways brothers, I’ve added some comedic relief to my comments, so here it goes:

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I thought the Republicans were bad, but Israelis beat them.

Nintendo sends its Eid Greetings from Mario



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