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MR went into seclusion for a breif period in order to re-evaluate its purpose and current status on the server.  After a few hours of some hardcore dhikgrading it has return better than ever.

In other words, my site should load faster by a few hundredths of a miliseconds.  Only those viewers who are using dial-up connections (yes I have readers that are still on that) will experience a much faster load time, alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless Umar Lee!

Sh. Hamza Yusuf haters click here.


I agree with what Umar said in his last post here with letting Sh. Hamza speak for himself.

So to celebrate my agreement withim, this post is dedicated to my brother in Islam whom I love for the sake of Allah aza wa jall.   May Allah bless you.  May Allah forgive you.  May Allah protect you.  May Allah give you what is best in this world and in the next.  May Allah shower his mercy on you and your family.  May Allah make it easy for you and your family to live comfortable in this world.  May Allah accept your and your families duas.  May Allah allow reunite you with your loved ones in jannah.


Now let’s all focus on tomorrow!

Sh. Yasir Qadhi on Tawassul and Wasila

I am taking the class on the AlMaghrib class called Light Upon Light in Virginia with the student tribe (Qabeelat) Nurayn (MD-DC-VA), which is taught by Sh. Yasir Qadhi. The first session was a review on the first class, Light of Gudiance. After it was a over one of the students asked about tawassul and wasila. These are not the exact words, but he asked Sh. Yasir if it was permissible to ask Allah by the rank of the Prophet (saas) or the rank of a pious person. I’ll be honest, I thought Sh. Yasir would simply answer denying this and saying it was biddah, kufr and shirk. I was wrong. Not only was I wrong, but I was way off. Sh. Yasir basically said that their are two opionins within Sunni Islam and that both sides have their scholars and proofs. He said he believes it is impermissible and does not recommend it. He also said that he does not condemn anyone who defends it because they have a “galaxy of scholarship” on this.

That surprised me. He was very respectful and didn’t condemn the other opinion. MashaAllah!

The Imams that will be reciting at Masjid al-Haraam during Ramadan 1429/2008 Taraweeh

My good friend from a long time live in Saudi and he was recently in Mecca. During his visit he discovered a secret which was yet to be revealed while he was talking to a cassette store manager:

He ends up telling me that he got an e-mail from his boss telling him whose going to lead, and what to print on the new cassettes. He told me that ALL SIX IMAMS WILL LEAD;


When I asked him how that’s going to happen, he told me that maybe the first day it will be Sudays/Shuraym, the second day Mahr/Juhani, the third day Ghamdi/Ghazzawi, the fourth day Sudays/Shuraym….

You heard it on MR first!

Source: Snow In The Desert