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Abraj al Bait of Mecca: 2nd Largest Tower in the World

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Nintendo sends its Eid Greetings from Mario



Ramadan 2009 Pictures from “The Big Picture”

Really beautiful pictures from across the Muslim World during Ramadan 2009. Click here to see them.

Powerful pictures of the suffering of Muslims in China

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May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

3-D Representation of the Prophet’s House. Beautiful!

“The picture shows a replication of The Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) House. The model of the house was built to give people a glimpse of the way the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) lived. This house is just a part of a bigger exhibition of the life of the prophet (peace be upon him).

The house was reproduced based on authentic narrations that describe the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) house.

The Exhibition is held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.”

Seems relatively legitimate. I do have some reservations on the actual size, although the images may not show the true proportion of the actual house.

Note: You’ll need the shockwave player plugin for it to work.

Lamar Advertising pulls Anti-Israeli Aid Ads


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – An Albuquerque-based billboard company pulled ten billboards today that had featured a political message. The contract between a local grassroots group, the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel, and Lamar Outdoor Advertising was supposed to be for eight weeks; the billboards were taken down after only three weeks.


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Freedom of speech thrives in America. (Sarcasm)

Child Labor in Bangladesh


When your at work or school or doing something and you feel the need to complain remember this picture and think of all our little brothers and sisters working in such terrible conditions just for a $1 a month.

May Allah grant them all jannatul-firdaus!  Ameen.

Click here to see more photos.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajoon.
From God we came and to God we will return to.
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IDF T-Shirt – Pregnant Palestinian Woman – 1 shot, 2 kills


The official shirt of Jewish terrorists also known as members of the Israeli Defense (“Offense’) Force.


New Madinah (Updated with more photos)

Looks like the construction is not just limited to Makkah. This is a proposal for a new Madinah.


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