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An Afternoon with the Hijabbed

Check out this video, it’s funny:

Click this link to view the full size video

I think the video was filmed in Indonesia or Malaysia. Its basically is an interview with different type of Hijabi sisters. When I say different: I mean really really different Hijabis all across the board. Hahahaha!

The Quran and Economic Environtmental Ethics

  • Author: MR
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  • Date: Dec 17,2005 | 12:05 PM

This is a great article I read on BBC News. It talks about how the people of Zanzibar (99% Muslim) are useing Islamic ethics to help save and keep the environtment healthy.

“One local fisherman summarised neatly why the religious message has succeeded where government decrees failed: It is easy to ignore the government, he said, but no-one can break God’s law.”

From the article: Eco-Islam hits Zanzibar fishermen


Iraq held it’s elections

  • Author: MR
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  • Date: Dec 15,2005 | 05:15 AM

And no attacks happened. Funny thing is, “masked gunmen” were guarding the polling stations. Very interesting, how America goes after these “so called terrorists” but then use them to help initiate a ‘stable’ Iraqi government.

In reality, the “masked gunmen” were Sunnis, trying to allow their Sunni brothers and sisters to vote, to show the shia that they aint bullshiaa’in (haha, jk to all my shia brothers and sisters).

I don’t know who exactly will become President, but I hope its a Muslim leader who is adherent to the teachings of Islam and open for re-building the country and ending any type of war. And most importantly: GETTIN THE US SOLDIERS OUTTA IRAQ!

InshaAllah (God willing)

Allah knows best.

Deeds are like Internet Cookies…

  • Author: MR
  • Filed under: Islam
  • Date: Dec 10,2005 | 01:07 PM

Except you can’t delete them. Our deeds, whether good or bad are written down. Records are kept of every action we take. Just like how every website we go to, they send a ‘cookie’ to a temporary folder. The difference is we can delete the internet cookies, but we can’t delete our ‘deeds cookies’.

We can’t eat them either!

(Edit: you can change your deeds, by repenting and doing good deeds to over write the bad deeds. You guys get the point.)

Kanye West: Muslim?

Has anyone heard Kanye West’s song, Heard ‘Em Say, featuring Adam Levine from Maroon 5? Well in that song, Kanye west goes “Allah hu Akbar”. If you don’t believe me, just look up the lyrics. You can’t tell by listening to the song, because he says it weird.

He goes: “…so I guess we just PRAY like the minster says Allah hu Akbar, throw em in hot cars…”

Kanye west – Heard ‘Em Say (mp3)

Click that to listen to the song. He says it at 00:28 into th e song.

But MR officialy declares, this is not a valid proof that Kanye West is muslim. So don’t start spreading rumors. Okay!? haha

Updates: Lupe Fiasco is Muslim – He was featured on Kanye West’s Album ‘Late Registration’

More Updates: VIDEO: Kanye West with Black Muslims

The Akhlaq Khutbah

  • Author: MR
  • Filed under: Islam
  • Date: Dec 3,2005 | 12:00 PM

This past friday at my universitys’ (SBU) msas’ (SBU MSA) khutbah, I was awakened to something really important and great in every single Muslim’s life living here in North America. That was our akhlaq, or our character: how we interact with others, how we display ourselves, our speech, etc. The khateeb (one who gives the khutbah) was firing back at the young students at my MSA passing out magazines and flyers talking about bringing a khilafah back, establishing an Islamic state, etc. Yeah, you know the deal. The wannabe HT’ers, the khalafites, etc. The khateeb also emphasized our akhlaq towards our parents, and how Allah subhana hu wa ta’ala commands us to obey them and respect them to our utmost capablitily, even if it requires us to ‘swallow our pride’. He also mentioned how we want to do so many things for Islam, but yet we don’t even know anyone in this jamma’ (the group or gathering that was there that day). How we don’t even smile at our brothers (and sisters, hehe) and get to know each other. Our akhlaq is poor and needs a lot of work. The most important thing that hit me was when he said: “If you don’t pray, THEN START IMMEDIATELY. Nothing can be accomplished without a connection to Allah.” (It’s not exact, but that’s the jist of it.) SubhanAllah! What a statement! Usually, speakers would say take it slow or start praying or try to do a few, but this khateeb, he was just flat out: DO IT NOW! That was really effective. Straight to the point. Straight up. A stand up nigga. (excuse my vocabulary, must attract all types of audiences.)

This khateeb is no stranger to me. He is one of my close friends. I love him dearly. He has helped me a lot. A LOT! He has taught me many things. He is like my older brother. So I dedicate this post to him.


May Allah subhana hu wa ta’ala give you what is best in this world for you and give you the highest jannah! May he grant you want you may desire! Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

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