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Update: The remix is even worse!

I find this song somewhat insulting and somewhat amusing. The supposedly “Arabic” phrase the chorus uses sounds like a drunk crack addict trying to recite the first half the shahada but then jokes around at the end. Busta also talks about gambling with Arafat, astagfirAllah. I dont know which Arafat he is referring to but there is only one popular Arafat that America knows and that is the deceased Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat (may Allah forgive him and grant him Jannah.).

The only good thing I found from the lyrics was this line:

I make you bow down and make salat like a Muslim

Maybe Busta forgot that there is no compulsion in the deen unless he was addressing the Muslims.

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The Poetic Vision Tour – Chicago

I was asked to post this event featuring Muslim artists. So check it out if your interested and in Chicago:

Sh. Yaser Birjas sings Ghurabaa


Sacred Street Art – Bronx, NY

A powerful account of the graffiti mural created in the Bronx New York, a memorial for Mougasa and Soumare families, many of whom died in an apartment block fire in March 2007. Graffiti artist Mohammed Ali, from the UK works alongside the local Bronx community to create a tribute to the family.
Source: Azeem

Open Apology to the Raef music group

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  • Date: Jun 24,2008 | 08:46 PM

In the name of God

I want to ask for forgiveness for my rude and mean attitude towards one of your videos in which you sang Tala al Badru Alayna with a rock twist.  My words were harsh and I did not deliver my opinion in the Muslim way.  I personally do not like the way the song was sung with the entire band but when it was the one brother in the acoustic version it was much better.  I have checked out your MySpace profile which contains some other songs and they are good.

I realize that there are many young Muslims who listen to this genre of music and that the majority of artists and groups do not have halal lyrics.  So if God wills this as a means for Muslims to listen to something better than so be it.  God knows best.

With peace,


The Most Classical and Most Authentic Nasheed Ruined!

UPDATE: I apologized for my harsh tone in this post here.

Warning: contains music.

Asalamualykum wa Rahamatullahi wa Barakatuh to the brothers of Raef Music,

I appreciate your attempt to try to do a remix of one of the most well known, most classical and most authentic poem praising the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), but the reality is you completely ruined it. It was like Kid Rock singing the Burda or Ricky Martin singing Allah hu Allah hu. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just being straight up.

Please take the video down. Thank you.

JazakAllah khair.


Lil Wayne Praises Allah in “A Millie”


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Lil Wayne says “and the almighty power of Allah” in the song “A Millie” featured on one of his songs from one of his mixtapes. It is also strange how the radio versions of the song replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”. The song was so popular that it was added to his new album coming out “C3” and guess what, the album version also replaces “Allah” with “dat chit cha cha cha chopper”.

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Dave Chappelle’s Block Party 2 in Dubai?

Dave Chappelle who is Muslim as you know (also his brother and most of his family is as well) had a block party in Brooklyn for free a while back. Now rumor has it he wants to do a second one in Dubai.

According to New York Magazine, ?uestlove (of The Roots) recently spoke with the comedian, who has maintained a low profile as of late. “He wants to redo ‘Block Party,'” said ?uestlove, referring to Chappelle’s 2005 documentary which chronicled the process of organizing and throwing the block party. “I saw Dave the night of Erykah [Badu]’s birthday party in Dallas.”

?uestlove elaborated, revealing Chappelle’s desired location for the project. “Over in Dubai,” he explained. “Except he wants to spice it up a bit and have us perform with a 60-piece orchestra. He’s just like, ‘Promise me you’re going to rhyme over ‘Star Wars,’ that’s all I want.’”

Dubai pays more than the U.S. nowadays. Although the rappers and singers at the Brooklyn Block Party weren’t the typical commerical (c)rappers and singers. Groups like The Roots and rappers like Talib Kweli were the main performers. There lyrics are much better that than of Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne (although he’s currently the killer MC in the game).


A Chance to Perform on the same stage with Outlandish!


If you can rhyme, recite poetry, or sing, then you may get a chance to be part of the opening act of one of the shows in the Outlandish tour in America. Click here for more information.

“I’m Bringing Sunnah Back” – Halal Mix Tape LIVE at EZ 2008

Select portions of “Halal Mix Tape Vol. 1“, featured in Lota Pani Pictures’ “Gandaghee (Dirty)” 2004 DVD release.

Also features an EXCLUSIVE performance of “Sunnahback”, from the forthcoming “Halal Mix Tape Vol. 2” to be featured on the Fall 2008 DVD release of “Gandaghee 2: Return of the Lota”

Performed live at the 2008 MSA National East Zone USA Conference entertainment session on April 5th, 2008 in Newark, NJ.

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