The Beard and the Hip Hop Culture

Ever see rappers such as the Ying Yang Twins, DMX, Swissbeatz, Beanie Sigel, Freeway or Beanie Man with nice sunnah style beards? I do. It’s common these days in the Hip Hop culture to “rock beards” (wear beards). It’s common, accepted and promoted by rappers and hip hop activists.Freeway - Rap Artist

The beard has always been a sign of manhood, power, respect and authority for ages. Only within the past 100 years that the beard, or any type of facial hair, has been seen as something backward, third-world, or just absurd (like that rhyme, :-] ). It is hard to find the beard being promoted in the west as something good to wear. You see businessmen, job seekers, managers, bosses, everyone in the corporate world, etc. completely clean shaven with nice (what I like to say) “girly” faces.

Ying Yang Twins - Rap GroupThe only western type of promotion of the beard I have seen is in the hip hop culture and Jews. Many Black people are Muslims. Actually the majority of the Muslims in America are Black. This is why the beard is a cool thing in the hip hop culture. Rappers like Freeway or Beanie Sigel wear there beard while they perform, take interviews, photo shoots, movie shoots, etc.

Why I’m I taking about this? Why do I care? Islam is universal. It influences everything it touches whether it’s a society, a group of people, a land, a city, a song, a book, etc. Islam has a big influence over the African American population whether they are Muslim or not. I see non-Muslim Black men wearing beards everyday. Even NBA superstars, like Ben Wallace or NFL superstar, Bettis aka “Bus” wear beards.

The beard is something beautiful and it should be appreciated whether its a simple “G Line” to a “hanafi fist full length” one. It’s facial hair and men should wear it.

Down with clean shaven girly faces!

Lupe Fiasco – Muhammad Walks

Chicago Muslim Rapper, Lupe Fiasco (Record Label’s Site), takes Kanye West’s Jesus Walks beat and makes his own lyrics entiteld ‘Muhammad Walks’. He’s so good that Kanye West featured him on his ‘Late Registration’ album on the track ‘Touch the Sky’.

Yes, Lupe Fiasco is a Muslim from Chicago. This proves that Kanye West has Muslim influence from my last past entiteld Kanye West: Muslim?.

Lupe Fiasco’s real name is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco. On his website’s biography page (the record label’s site) talking about his album, ‘Food and Liquor’, he says:

‘The title reflects on me being Muslim and being from the streets,’ says Lupe about FOOD & LIQUOR. ‘In Chicago, instead having bodegas like in New York, the majority of the corner stores are called ‘Food and Liquors.’ The store is where everything is at, whether it be the wine-o hanging by the store, or us as kids going back and forth to the store to buy something. The ‘Food’ is the good part and the ‘Liquors’ is the bad part. I try to balance out both parts of me.’

Finally here is the song:
Lupe Fiasco – Muhammad Walks [mp3]

Michael Jackson is Muslim?

Update (6/26/2009): Imam Zaid Shakir has confirmed he is a Muslim saying this:

A good friend who is a reliable source of information called and said that Michael had become Muslim. He had been working on an album with the well-known Muslim musician, Dawud Warsby, and another Muslim performer, and the two, sensing Michael’s troubled and depressed state had invited him to Islam. He accepted their invitation. Michael was no stranger to the religion, having been exposed to it by his brother Jermaine, who had converted to the faith in 1989.

Read the full article here

Michael Jackson is muslim?

That’s what I read on this site and the Jews say the same:

Michael Jackson going Muslim?

Well if it’s true, then Alhamdulillah, inshaAllah he’ll change and become a better human being. If it’s not true, then he’s not a muslim.

Kanye West: Muslim?

Has anyone heard Kanye West’s song, Heard ‘Em Say, featuring Adam Levine from Maroon 5? Well in that song, Kanye west goes “Allah hu Akbar”. If you don’t believe me, just look up the lyrics. You can’t tell by listening to the song, because he says it weird.

He goes: “…so I guess we just PRAY like the minster says Allah hu Akbar, throw em in hot cars…”

Kanye west – Heard ‘Em Say (mp3)

Click that to listen to the song. He says it at 00:28 into th e song.

But MR officialy declares, this is not a valid proof that Kanye West is muslim. So don’t start spreading rumors. Okay!? haha

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