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King Abdullah builds a university for men and women and allows women to drive within the university as well as not wear the niqab. A scholar from the Saudi leading ulema council, Shaykh Saad al-Shethry, complains and King Abdullah removes him from his position. I guess we can no longer say women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has sacked a senior cleric who criticised a new science and technology university which opened in September.

The cleric, Sheikh Saad al-Shethry, said the mixing of sexes in any university was evil and a great sin.

He demanded the curriculum should be vetted by Islamic scholars to prevent teaching of “alien ideologies”.

The $7bn university near Jeddah, named after King Abdullah, is a key project of the reform-minded Saudi monarch.

In what is being seen as a rare intervention, a royal decree removed Sheikh Saad from Saudi Arabia’s most senior council of religious scholars, or ulema.

No reason was given publicly for the removal.

The timing follows the sheikh’s stringent criticism of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), whose administration lies outside the control of the cleric-dominated ministry of education.

“The recommendation is to set up Sharia (Islamic law) committees at this university to oversee these studies and look into what violates the Sharia,” Sheikh Saad was quoted saying last week in the Saudi press.

The government hopes the technologically advanced centre with its relaxed social constraints will help modernise the kingdom’s deeply conservative society.

In contrast to the strict rules outside the sprawling campus, women are allowed to drive and are not required to wear veils in classes.


I was shocked when I read this.

Ahmad Wais Afzali had for years been a popular imam in Queens. First at one mosque, and then at others, he had become known for his moving sermons. He also ran a funeral home, and won praise for helping families deal with their grief.

The imam’s lawyer said he was merely trying to help the authorities. But on Saturday night, federal officials arrested Mr. Afzali, 37, effectively claiming that their onetime source of assistance had betrayed them by tipping off Mr. Zazi, and then lying to them about it.

Source: NY Times

I think pretty much everyone in the Muslim community knew Shaykh Ahmad and his funeral home and the services he offered to Muslim families to take care of their deceased relatives. I had a first hand experience with this with the burial of my grandfather.

May Allah make it easy for them and their families. It sounds like Shaykh Ahmad was talking to the wrong person at the wrong time.

Respect to bro. Rageh Omar for doing this piece. I can’t wait to check out the full length documentary.

State Farm Insurance was also included, but now they are pulling their ads. I’m really impressed by the power of MediaMatters. Anything that is against this guy Glen Beck and FOX News, I’m willing to support (as long as it’s not haram).

I don’t think I can boycott Red Lobster though. Those biscuits are, mashaAllah, good!

Blackwater (Xe) used Iraqi girls for Prostitution

May Allah’s protect the innocent people! Ameen!

Blackwater (now known as Xe) is paid by the government as a private military army to work in Iraq.

Assiya Rafiq – A great Mujahidah

After being kidnapped at the age of 16 by a group of thugs and enduring a year of rapes and beatings, Assiya Rafiq was delivered to the police and thought her problems were over.

Then, she said, four police officers took turns raping her.

The next step for Assiya was obvious: She should commit suicide. That’s the customary escape in rural Pakistan for a raped woman, as the only way to cleanse the disgrace to her entire family.

Instead, Assiya summoned the unimaginable courage to go public and fight back. She is seeking to prosecute both her kidnappers and the police, despite threats against her and her younger sisters. This is a kid who left me awed and biting my lip; this isn’t a tale of victimization but of valor, empowerment and uncommon heroism.

“I decided to prosecute because I don’t want the same thing to happen to anybody else,” she said firmly.

Assiya’s case offers a window into the quotidian corruption and injustice endured by impoverished Pakistanis — leading some to turn to militant Islam.

“When I treat a rape victim, I always advise her not to go to the police,” said Dr. Shershah Syed, the president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Pakistan. “Because if she does, the police might just rape her again.”

Yet Assiya is also a sign that change is coming. She says she was inspired by Mukhtar Mai, a young woman from this remote village of Meerwala who was gang raped in 2002 on the orders of a village council. Mukhtar prosecuted her attackers and used the compensation money to start a school.

Continue reading here.

The Pakistani police and the thugs who raped her are cowards. Do they not fear the wrath of Allah? Do they not fear the hellfire? I pray that Allah delivers justice. I pray to Allah that those who forbid the evil and promote the good are victorious. Ameen!

Obama to Israel: “engage in serious self-reflection”

President Obama, please also do some self reflection on American foreign policy especially towards Israel. Thank you for telling Israel to do this. Even if this is an inch towards progress towards peace then thank God.

U.S. President Barack Obama met with 15 American Jewish leaders at the White House for the first time on Monday. The president and the Jewish officials huddled for talks aimed at clearing the air following allegations that his administration was taking a tough line with Israel over settlement activity.

At the meeting, Obama told the leaders that he wants to help Israel overcome its demographic problem by reaching an agreement on a two-state solution, but that in order to do so, Israel would need “to engage in serious self-reflection.”

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Obama told the leaders that “the door to dialogue is open. If the Iranians do not walk through it, however, we will have to see how we proceed. But it would be a mistake to talk now about what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it.”


UK cuts Israel weapons contracts

The UK has revoked five export licences for equipment to the Israeli navy because of actions during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza this year.

The British Foreign office said the exports would now contravene its criteria for arms sales, but denied that it had imposed a partial embargo.

The UK says it does not sell weapons which might be used for internal repression or external aggression.
Israel says its troops complied fully with international law during missions.

Thank you UK. Please continue to cut off all military contracts with Israel. Please also advise your sister, America. Thanks!


“You Muslim people scare people when you wear that clothing”

Really messed up. This guy is needs some major help. I’m really amazed at the calmness of the sister during this scenario, mashaAllah. May Allah continue to protect her!

Full story here:

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Hans Terrorise Uighur Muslims in China

May Allah (swt) protect the innocent! Ameen!

Uighur Muslims clash with the Hans:

The clashes between ethnic Muslim Uighurs and China’s Han majority in Xinjiang that left more than 150 dead signaled a new phase in a region used to seeing bombings and assassinations by militant separatists but few mass protests.


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