Ever wonder why the innocent are locked up and the guilty are free?

Do you ever wonder why there are some Muslims in America who openly support terrorist organizations and promote their literature/media online & on street corners and never end up in jail or arrested? While you have people like Dr. Aafia Siddiqui or Sh. Ali al-Tamimi or Imam Jamil al-Amin or Dr. Sami al-Arian locked up in jail for reasons that are out of this world. Makes me wonder if those Muslims who openly support groups that have been labeled terrorists by the American government are actually covertly not supported just inciters to create a trap for Muslims. There are Muslims in jail that should not be and there are Muslims that aren’t in jail that should be. It’s like Mandela in jail and Hitler free.

I’m probably wrong in my assumptions but there are two certain sites that literally for years have really bothered me. Both of which are run by American Muslims with the content that screams “send me to Guantanamo” but yet they are still living and enjoying the benefits of America while hating on it at the same time. There basically like the FOX News of extremists for Muslims. They only post things to get Muslims riled up and then the government comes in and arrests the ones caught in the trap (Toronto 18, NY-Colorado plot, Virgina Paintball guys, and more recently the Virginia 5 in Pakistan).

May Allah free the innocent.

The Hypocrisy of Those who Support Nidal Hasan

It is shocking to see Muslims praising and calling Nidal Hasan a hero. According to to their own leaders and teachers, Nidal Hasan is a kafir. Anyone who joins the US military is no longer a Muslim. In fact Nidal Hasan is a murtad. Now all of a sudden he is a mujahid in prison. He is a hero. He is worthy of being praised.

Apparently, to these Muslims, you do not recite the shahada to be a Muslim. Apparently, to become a Muslim is to do something which they approve of. Now common sense tells me this just doesn’t make sense, but seriously, can anyone tell me how do Muslims think like this?

I do have a rational explanation. They work for the government to attract innocent (and probably stupid) Muslims into a trap which will then lead to a 2 year undercover operation to finally arrest a real Muslim in order to show the public they are keeping America safe from terrorists. Yay! Thanks government for keeping us safe by creating terrorists!

Serious advice to those in power who may read this: war means casualties. No war means no casualties. It’s very simple.

Muslim Link Newspaper Refuses to Advertise events with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s name on it

Update: For those who want to contact The Muslim Link, here is their email address.

The Muslim Link has refused to advertise a fundraiser event for an Islamic School in Baltimore (Al Rahmah School Educational Trust – ASET) because the event’s speaker is Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. Now if the Muslim Link newspaper called itself the MyJamaat Link newspaper I wouldn’t care if they didn’t advertise an Islamic School fundraiser event with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. That actually would make sense, but when the newspaper claims to be the “Muslim Link” and advertises to all the Muslim communities throughout the MD-DC-VA, why would it discriminate against such a mainstream and widely recognized speaker like Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.
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True Stories: “The Earing-Wearing Brother”, “From Hijabi to Nojabi” and “Too Much Makeup Sister”

I listened to this lecture by Nouman Ali Khan and was blown away of the reality of this situation and the actions of myself in the past that have made me take a different approach with attempting to bring Muslims closer to Islam. It also reminded me a of a lecture I heard by Khalid Latif at the ISNA convention (2009 one – I think it was an MSA session), in which he highlighted some real life experiences of how “promoting the good and forbidding the evil” backfired the attempt to bring people closer to Islam.

I’ll highlight some powerful scenarios of which are have occured and that were mentioned in both of the lectures. I obviously I am not a great narrator like our narrators of hadith, but God willing, I can get the general message across.

Too Much Makeup Sister

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Is it shirk to… – Keep it simple, Stick to The Opening

I really don’t know why some people make a big deal about issues that are only relevant to less than 3% of the ummah1. Let’s just stick to The Opening. Seriously. People know more about ta***s**, isti***h*, and ist***n*2 than they know the tafsir of Surah-tul-Fatiha (The Opening Chapter) while some probably don’t even know the meaning of al-Fatiha. Seriously. If we were to do a survey in our own immediate family including all our cousins, aunts, uncles, children, etc. and ask them what is the meaning of al-Fatiha, how many of them would answer it correctly?
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Americans support an “Islamic State” in Iran but not anywhere else?

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, ended his prayer sermon in tears on Friday, invoking the name of a disappeared Shiite prophet to suggest that his government was besieged by forces of evil out to destroy a legitimate Islamic government.

The opposition leader, Mir Hussein Moussavi, in criticizing the government, demanded the kind of justice promised by the Koran and exhorted his followers to take to their rooftops at night to cry out, “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great.”

It’s extremely funny and also sad that the news media in America and in general Americans are supporting the Iranian protestors and being pro-Mousavi.  Even the conseratives are on the side of the protestors.  What they all fail to realize is that Mousavi and the rest of the protesters do not like the American Government (especially it’s foriegn policy) the same way Ahmadinejad does.  They also don’t understand that both sides still want to follow Islam and want to establish their version of the “Islamic State”.

Basically America doesn’t like Ahmadinejad so they’ll support anyone who doesn’t like him.  They did this in the past with allying themselves with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and that backfired.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some people think Obama should go in to Iran and help them out.  So far Obama hasn’t said much, which is good.  I hope he understands that America needs to stay quiet and don’t stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

The Facebook and Twitter support is nice but I really wonder if all those young Americans know what they are supporting when they share or “tweet” it.


Let the haters hate

One thing I learned over the years of blogging and posting on forums is that there are always going to be haters. There is not a single thing anyone can do to please everyone. Why do we even have to please everyone? We have to please Allah and that’s it. By pleasing Allah we’ll be pleasing all those who matter to us the most (parents, spouse, family, friends, etc.). So why bother with the haters?

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Jihad Failure: From Mujahideen to Thugs

Illegal Arms trade and Drug/Human Trafficking

Where do the Muslims get weapons?

The non-Muslims.

Arms dealers in Russia, China, Europe and America love to sell weapons to rich Muslims who then funnel it to other groups who then trade it to other groups and so on until it gets into the hand of a soldier who begins firing it at either a “deviant” Muslims and/or the opposing foreign forces in their country. In other words the only winners are the illegal arms dealers around the world who are making money off the blood of Muslims (mostly). This is why I strongly oppose groups who deal with arms dealers who help fund their illegal business that usually include arms dealing, drug dealing and human trafficking (sex slaves of young girls).

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