Islamophobia at Stony Brook University

This is really shocking. I went to Stony Brook University and I absolutely loved the community there. I had never experienced any type of bigotry or hate crime there. It’s really sad that these guys had to print the cartoon and spread it around campus. What would they accomplish by this? I hope and pray that Stony Brook campus police catch those involved.

Go Seawolves!

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Sad but true for most of the Muslim world: Best place for Muslims to live? America

Sorry Canada (though in reality, it’s probably the best in the world). I’d like to even go more detailed and say NY-NJ Metropolitan area, the DC-MD-VA area, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles-San Diego area are the best areas within America for a Muslim to live. I think the countries that are exempt from this in the Muslim world would be Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Edit: I know I’m going to take heat for saying Saudi Arabia is better to live than America, but I say this primarily my bias for the lack of ease of eating Halal food in America. Everyone who lives/visits Saudi Arabia always tell me how great the chicken and lamb is in Saudi. So meat is a factor for me where I live. I’m bias for the availability halal fried chicken. If I can make my daily salat, work and get some nice halal lamb and chicken, then I’m straight. If I can do this in Makkah, of course it’s better than the entire world. The Dajjal ain’t going to get me there!

Edit 2: For those who took me seriously about the meat thing, I apologize. It does play a factor but obviously it’s not number 1. I still think Saudi Arabia for me personally to practice Islam would be almost as good as America. America would still be the best option for me since I am an American.

Best place for Muslims to live? America

Muslim nations could learn a lot from the US.

By Merve Kavakci

Washington – This summer Muslims were murdered in Holland, Germany, and Belgium – four victims of hate crimes.

These murders are just the latest examples of Islamaphobia coming out of Europe. But Europe is not the only place intolerant of its Muslim citizens. Even in some Muslim countries, expression of religion is often perceived as a threat to the secular state.

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Two men murder for religious reasons – The Christian is charged with murder while the Muslim is charged with terrorism

Terrorism: The unequal treatment of two religiously motivated crimes
By Junaid M. Afeef, June 8, 2009

roeder-muhammadFor two recent crimes, a Muslim, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, is charged with terrorism and murder. In a similar case, a Christian, Scott Roeder, is charged with murder but not terrorism. Yet, there are ample indications that both sought to influence government policy.

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What are your thoughts on cats? Do you have any? Do you like them? Are they hard to take care of? Are they fun to have? Are they high-maintenance? Does anyone have allergies but still have a cat?

What is the Islamic ruling on cats? Is it permissible or not? Please share any hadith on cats.

Please also share your personal cat stories.

JazakAllah khair.

The Future of America is less Religious – Good or Bad for Muslims?

New research shows young Americans are dramatically less likely to go to church — or to participate in any form of organized religion — than their parents and grandparents.

“It’s a huge change,” says Harvard University professor Robert Putnam, who conducted the research.

Historically, the percentage of Americans who said they had no religious affiliation (pollsters refer to this group as the “nones”) has been very small — hovering between 5 percent and 10 percent. However, Putnam says the percentage of “nones” has now skyrocketed to between 30 percent and 40 percent among younger Americans.

Putnam calls this a “stunning development.” He gave reporters a first glimpse of his data Tuesday at a conference on religion organized by the Pew Forum on Faith in Public Life.

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Good or Bad for Islam in America?

I say both. It’s good, because the next generations of Americans won’t care about Muslims as much as the current Christian majority does. They wouldn’t make a big deal if a woman is wearing hijab or a brother rocking a thoub. Plus, Atheists and Agnostics are more prone to be anti-War and pro-Peace.

Unfortunately it can be bad because society will decay with loose morals. Homosexuality will become a norm (if it isn’t already) and young Muslims growing up in the future will find it extremely hard to keep their iman strong. May Allah protect them and us all.

Some could say that this is much better for Islam for dawah purposes since most people will have no belief system inherited so it’ll be easy to spread the message of Truth. This could be true but it could work the opposite way too.

For the most part Atheists/Agnostics are more friendlier to the Muslims than Christians and Jews when it comes to American foreign policy which matters the most to the majority of the Muslims in this world.