Allah is the best of planners! Giants win!

The outcome of this year’s Superbowl has reminded me of this ayah:

“They plot & plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah” (Al-Anfal:30)


As my good friend ‘Junaid from the Bronx’ always says:

“We can plan whatever we want, but Allah has the better plan.”

The New England Patriots thought they were going to win. The entire country including many NY Giant fans thought the Patriots were going to win. Allah taught us all a lesson. No matter how perfect, how strong, how undefeated a person or group can be, they can be defeated. The Patriots before the Superbowl were 18-0. No loss in the entire 2007-2008 NFL Season. After the Superbowl. Their win count remained the same at 18. The 0 jumped up to 1. Yes this is the will of Allah. So no matter how much George Bush thinks he’s in control, he’s not. Allah can take away the power within a few seconds as what happened to Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the rest of the Patriots. This goes to show you, no matter how much we plan or they plan or whoever plans, there is Allah’s plan. No matter how strong or powerful one side is, there is always the side Allah allows to win regardless of strength.

Congratulations to Eli Manning, Michael Strahan, Ahmad Bradshaw, Plaxico Buress, Amani Toomer, David Tyree and the rest of the New York Giants. We are the Superbowl XLII champions!

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Superbowl XLII – Giants vs. Patriots

giants-patriots-superbowl.jpgSo today is the big day. The day when the undefeated New England Patriots take on the underdogs, the New York Giants. The Giants are on a 10-road-game winning streak. The Patriots are on a 18-game winning streak. Tom Brady and his team think they have a strong chance of winning. Most of the country thinks the Patriots will win as well. They are all wrong. New York knows the Giants will win.

InshaAllah, the Giants will win and the Patriots will go home crying.

My predicition: Giants 21, Patriots 17

May Allah (swt) give our brother Ahmad Bradshaw of the NY Giants and the rest of his team success. Ameen!

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