David Robinson dreaded playing Hakeem “the Dream” in Ramadan

David Robinson said this about Hakeem:

During the season, he would go fasting in the month of Ramadan and then he would always come back and beat us all up after his fasting time. So we always dreaded the fasting month but you could always respect him because of his committment to his faith and it just seemed to be his strength.

You can watch this 4 min clip of Hakeem’s career here (It will load Windows Media Player).

Shout out to Adam S. for emailing me this!

Ray Allen & the Celtics – 2008 NBA Champions

The Lakers were completely crushed by the Celtics who are now the 2008 NBA Champions. Ray Allen by himself thrashed the Lakers with 3 after 3 in the 4th quarter. KG and Paul Pierce also dominated offensively. Rajon Rando was the defensive player of the game for the Celtics with over 6 steals.

The game is not even over and I’m writing this post.  Anyways, let’s go Knicks 2009?

Celtics – Lakers – Game 6 – Is it over? LA!

Kobe Bryant
No it’s not over! Ever since the Detroit Pistons lost to the Celtics, I’ve been rooting for the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Playoffs. I know everyone is saying that Garnett, Pierce and Allen deserve an NBA title along with the Celtics franchise. All the NBA gurus and “experts” have already declared victory for the Celtics. Me on the other hand, I’m with the Lakers. I’m with Kobe Bryant. I think the Lakers can pull the greatest NBA Finals comeback in the history of the league. Although the odds are against my view, I think Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant can carry their team to Game 7 and it is there that the true champions will arise.

Let’s go Lakers!

Houston Respects Islam and Honors Hakeem Olajuwon

Organizers said they worked hard to ensure that the monument complied with Olajuwon’s Islamic beliefs. Rockets spokesman Nelson Luis told The Associated Press that details about the monument had not been released.Houston television station KRIV reported that it would focus on his jersey and accomplishments, but in keeping with the tenets of his Muslim faith, it won’t include a picture or likeness of him.

Alhamdulillah. “Hakeem the dream” was one of the greatest NBA players of all time. May Allah (swt) bless him and his family and accept their good needs rewarding them with jannat-ul-firdaus.

Source: The Canadian Press via SaqibSaab

Sports Halaqah

There are so many different Muslim forums across the Internet. Many of them have different themes or goals. Many of them focus on a specific theological background or a specific interpretation of Islam. Others are extremely open for all types of Muslims. Many of them are the center of heated debates amongst Muslims and cause people to get headaches and tears. Many of these forums are being watched due to some of its members posting and discussing controversial subjects. Some of them even go as far as to share vivid images and videos of graphic and mature content.

The worldwide online Muslim community is about to experience something totally different. An all exclusive online forum dedicated to only one topic: Sports.

Sports Halaqah Logo
The only Muslim forum dedicated to discussing sports.

No madhab fighting. No salafi-sufi debates. No “Is Music Halal?” threads. No shia or sunni online wars. No bashing scholars.

Why Sports Halaqah?

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North Jersey Muslim Basketball Tournament 2007

This is a 3 on 3 Tournament being held on Saturday, September 8, 2007 from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

3-6 players per team, $20 per player. All proceeds will go to the Youth of Masjid Darul Islah who will use the money for dawah lectures and classes that they regularly put together. Every team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 5 games, plus any additional playoff games depending on how far the team advances in the playoffs. In order to participate in this tournament, players must be 15 years or older. Nobody under the age of 15 will be allowed to play in this tournament. Click here for more info.


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