My Response to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s “Conversion” and to all Mac users

Before reading my post, please read Shaykh iYQ’s post here in its entirety.

I bought a MacBook Pro a while ago as a gift and also so I can learn more about it to add to my resume. I’ve had it for a few months and it has many nice features. Ultimately the PC is far greater than the Mac in many ways. There are several articles online citing examples, but here are my points which I think are relevant.

1. PCs have an eject button

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Obama Starts Digg-Like System Called “Open For Questions”

I think this is an amazing idea.  Really innovative and if it really does go to the Obama government then we can bring about real serious change.  Basically how this works is any user who registers at Open For Questions can submit questions and vote yes or no to questions that are already submitted.  I did a quick search for the keyword “israel” and found a lot of positive questions that have a lot of “yes’s” that made me extremely happy.

I request everyone to share 2-3 minutes by registering for this site and submitting your questions as well as voting yes to the questions that matter to you most.  Especially the ones related to Islam, Muslims and the Muslim world.

Where the Obama haters at?

First Mainstream TV Commercial featuring a Muslim

I was watching the History Channel and I saw a commercial for Microsoft Vista and to my surprise for the first time I saw a Muslim on the commercial. It’s about time more companies started using Muslims as part of their commercials to normalize and humanize us as Americans and consumers as well.

One Page with RSS feed from many Muslim blogs and sites

IslamCrunch recently posted about a site which offers one entire page listing rss feeds from various Muslim news, sites, blogs and basically anything related to Islam and Muslims. This is really good to find out what’s hot in the online Muslim ummah. It is also good to find blogging material that or blogs that you never knew existed. The creator of the website is , who was very friendly with me suggesting some sites to add. I told him about, Seekers Digest and some other blogs. You can tweet him here and ask him to add any other Muslim blog or sites that you may not see on the page.

StumbleUpon Islam

Have you used StumbleUpon or heard of it?  I’ve been using for months now and it has greatly increased my traffic to my blog, alhamdulillah.  They also have many different categories and topics, one of them includes Islam.  This is a good opportunity to give a better picture of Islam to a younger audience worldwide that use StumbleUpon.  It is also a great dawah tool.  The only way it can work successful is if all Muslim Stumblers give a thumbs up for all the Muslim submitted content.  For example if you like any of my posts or any other Muslim content online, you should give it a thumbs up and submit it to StumbleUpon.   Egyptian Gumbo has written more about this.  I highly recommend you to read it here.

On my blog you can click the “Share This” button at the bottom of every post and it will allow you to submit it to many of the social networking and news websites.  StumbleUpon is one of them.