MR’s Online Qur’an Reading Contest Ramadan 2009/1430 Standings

4th Annual MR’s Online Qur’an Reading Contest Standings:

Rank Person Number of Ayat completed
1 Fahmida – site 6,236 ayat read
Completed on 9.1.09 (Ramadan 10, 1430)
2 Loser 4 forever 6,236 ayat read
Completed on 9.3.09 (Ramadan 13, 1430) – 5:36 AM EST
3 AfghanMan – Site 6,236 ayat read
Completed on 9.3.09 (Ramadan 13, 1430) – 3:38 PM EST
4 Bayan 6,236 ayat read
Completed on 9.6.09 (Ramadan 16, 1430) – 6:00 PM PST
5 mjwaris 6,236 ayat read
Completed on 9.9.09 (Ramadan 19, 1430) – 6:22 PM Pakistan Time
6 Sista – Site 6,236 ayat read
Completed on 9.17.09 (Ramadan 27, 1430)
7 AS 6,236 ayat read
Completed at 6:50 AM MST, on Sept. 19 (Ramadan 28, 2009)
9 Sayed Farooq Ajmal – Site 6,236 ayat read
Completed at 17:30 Hours, on Sept. 20 (Ramadan 29, 2009)
8 Khalid Sharif 4,032 ayat read
10 Servant of Allah 2,209 ayat read
11 NativeDeen3 1,033 ayat read
12 Waleed 1,026 ayat read
13 VF – Site 899 ayat read
14 Amsi – Site 739 ayat read
15 Abdullah 635 ayat read
16 NadZu 549 ayat read
17 FORVEN 493 ayat read
18 Khaoula – Site 347 ayat read
19 The MV – Site 96 ayat read
Afifa 0 ayat read
Emad 0 ayat read
genieyclo 0 ayat read
Jahedur – Site 0 ayat read
Muhammad Sattaur 0 ayat read
Zaynab 0 ayat read
Your name here? 0 ayat read

Rules and Regulations Remember, we are reading to gain more blessings and rewards in the month of Ramadan! Therefore, everyone who reads the Qur’an is a winner!

47 Replies to “MR’s Online Qur’an Reading Contest Ramadan 2009/1430 Standings”

  1. Salam…

    i wanna join but ima tell u that i dont get on the computer as much during Ramadan…
    My goal is also 15 days…my masjid is hosting a qyam-ul-layl…Inshallah i will finish 5-6 over night..ive never finished the Qur’an in Ramadan..this will be my first

  2. @ Sayed

    Rule no.6 says you can read the Quran during free time. That night counts as free time doesn’t it? I will not be reading during salah. I will be reading by myself. Idk if it this rule applys to Qyam ul Layl.
    Please answer this MR. Do the ayats i read during Qyam ul Layl at night count in this competition?

  3. MR – the last 10 nights is called ‘itikaf.

    Qiyam ul Layl is just worship at night but sometimes refers specifically to nafil salat that is prayed at night, so he might be asking if his recitation during salat counts.

  4. @mjwaris its really not a big deal… it was the weekend and being that im a loser i had nothing better to do… but now that the work week has started i think the afghanman or waleed is going to take over

  5. @AfghanMan – Itikaf isn’t the name of the last 10 nights. You can do itikaf for the entire ramadan. 😀 Itikafa is secluding oneself from the dunya to worship Allah in the masjid during Ramadan. But yeah reading the Qur’an in nawafil prayers doesn’t count. I don’t want to mess with salah intentions. That should be solely for Allah alone. 😀

  6. @Abdullah

    The thing is different Qurans have different amounts of pages due to larger or smaller print. Using ayat is more reliable and accurate for everyone.

  7. i know afghanMan personally, and alhamdulillah he has really motivated me… may Allah taa’la bless everyone who is trying to take advantage of this blessed month, ameen

  8. @ MR


    Am i supposed to send my name and the total number of ayats ive read since the begginging or do i send the number of ayats i just read that night and u will add it on? I am pretty sure ive read more than 255 ayats.
    I have read 751 ayats all together now according to my calculations.

  9. @Loser 4 forever


    i was wondering how fast you complete 1 jus because you are doing great. Already half way there. It takes me 40 min. I havent really read the quran as much at one time. Inshallah i will get better.

  10. @servant of Allah

    wasalaam… it takes me about an hour to finish one juz… today i didnt read that much as i was tired for some strange reason, but every spare moment i had, lunch break, on the train / bus, weekends, read a lot

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