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  • Author: MR
  • Date: May 9,2006

MR Video

  • SBU MSA Brothers Gone Wild (2005)
    Google Video | YouTube | .wmv format

    • Description: First video I made. I basically took a bunch of videos that were made on my friend’s digital camera (Haseeb Ahmed) and edited them. We didn’t act out anything. There was no script. It was all on the spot randomness, thus: SBU MSA Brothers Gone Wild!
  • How I Got My Free PSP! (2005)
    Google Video | YouTube | .wmv format
    • Description: I signed up to get a free PSP from just to see if it works. I advertised it to my friends, on forums and on my blog and I completed all the required steps. I got my PSP for free! So I made a video of me opening up the PSP.
  • Islamixed Movie Trailer (2006)
    Google Video | YouTube | .wmv format

    • Description: A trailer to a movie that my friends and I never made.
  • SBU Brothers Dhikr Night I
    Google Video (part 1) | Google Video (part 2)

    • Description: Group of brothers including myself sat down one night at Stony Brook Universities MSA Prayer room and recited some nasheeds and dhikr.
  • More to come soon, InshaAllah!

MR Audio
Description: I personally recorded these events.

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