Sociolinguistic Survey at Stony Brook

Assalam ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

First I’d like to thank MR for letting me abuse my friendship with him and letting me use his website for to collect data for my homework. Also if you have done a paper version already you can disregard this or (for those terribly bored) you can do it again and mention that in the comments. So simply:

Please fill out to the best of your ability and honestly. It is an anonymous survey. Any extra information, you can put in the last question labeled: “Comments”. This should take somewhere between 5-10 minutes. For those that say select all that apply – keep the CRTL button down as you click in order to select multiple items.

And other questions or problems, just leave a comment!

For all intents and purposes curse words can be defined as: generally unacceptable speech; you wouldn’t use in an interview or around your parents or something similar or in a formal setting or with people you may not know



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