Obama officially marries Israel

I’m here on this trip to reaffirm the special relationship between Israel and the United States, my abiding commitment to its security

Looks like MR is NOT voting in the 2008 election. Check out what the Arab News media have said about this here.

Edit: I will vote still, just because I want to see a Black man become the President of the United States.  Other then that, both candidates are not in the benefit for the Muslims in my opinion.

Source: BBC News

In my opinion, the Best Muslims and the Worst Muslims live in America

The Muslims in Muslim countries have the greatest advantage over the Muslims in non-Muslim countries and that is the fact that Islam is not strange in those lands (although some may beg to differ). Muslims in Saudi Arabia, in Pakistan and across to Morocco can pray, fast, give zakat, marry, get zabihah food, take off for Ramadan, Eid, make wudhu and perform the many other actions and obligations in Islam and the Shariah with ease. With ease I say!

On the other hand Muslims in non-Muslim countries, for example in America or Europe, find it much more difficult to simply do the basic obligatory acts. Why then do I say that the best Muslims live in America but also the worst Muslims? In America we are surrounded by a society with decaying morals. The diseases of the heart thrive in American society. Popular culture is fueled by the whispers of shaytan. With all of these great fitan (trials) there are thousands of strong Muslims who hold fast on to the rope of Allah. There are brothers who wear their beard consistently. Sisters observing the hijab and niqab without any hesitation. There are probably those who wake up early in the morning for tahajjud when the rest of us are sleeping. There are Islamic centers and schools within neighborhoods infested with crime. Yet they continue to thrive calling people to the truth. There are Muslim figures, speakers and scholars who do not fear anything but Allah and speak the truth.

Then there are those who are the worst of this ummah living in America. Those who claim Islam but yet accept homosexuality. There are those who say “it’s all about the heart” and completely eliminate the sharia from their lives. There are those who are simply “Muslim by name” and have no desire to live a Muslim life. There are those who love this dunya and the so called “American” lifestyle that their hearts have completely forgotten its Creator.

May Allah (swt) make us all under the shade of His Mercy. Ameen!

Depressed … not at ICNA ’08

Update: Live Webcast here!

I have been going to the ICNA conventions during July 4th weekend for the past couple of years.  I’ve been to more ICNAs than ISNAs and RIS’s.  The best part of ICNA is the parallel Youth Conference organized by Young Muslims.  I am proud member and was former active youth coordinator.  I love helping out with the YM Security and ushering people to each session.  It was my favorite part greeting everyone coming into the lecture hall.  I am not sure who replaced me this year as head, but I’m really depressed that I’m not there this weekend.

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Malik Obama, the Half Brother of Barack Obama: “I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

[audio: malik-obama-inteview-israel.mp3]

“I don’t think that’s in any way going to be something to worry about. I myself am not speaking for him. But we are here, we love people in general. People love us. I myself love people who love me. You know, so, everything’s mutual. I can’t go [sic] in terms of Israel and Kenya and America, and so forth, you know, but based on what else I’ve heard him say and what I know of him as an individual, I don’t think Israel should worry too much, you know, about the connection. Because, I am a Muslim myself, and I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

This was a radio interview with an Israeli or Palestinian station.  Not sure which station, but ABC News got it from the Israeli Army Radio.  The reason I think it could be a Palestinian one is that at the end of the interview he says “Asalamualykum”, acknowledging he was being interviewed by a Musim.  I don’t think Israeli stations have Muslims on them so this is why I assume it might have been a Palestinian one.  Besides that point, I think Malik was right to say what he said.  It doesn’t matter if Barack Obama’s half brother is a Muslim.

It’s really amazing how God has planned all this out and there is a strong possibility that the next President of the United States will have a Muslim lineage.  God is the best of all planners.

The Future of America is with Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is the popular candidate amongst the general population under the age of 35 in America. From social networking sites like Facebook.com, Digg.com, and Reddit.com, you will see litereally hundreds of thousands of people supporting Barack Obama, while only thousands support Hillary Clinton and maybe a few hundred supporting John McCain.

Let me break it down to you in numbers just to prove my point:

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