Two-thirds of Egyptian men harass women?

By Cynthia Johnston

CAIRO (Reuters) – Nearly two-thirds of Egyptian men admit to having sexually harassed women in the most populous Arab country, and a majority say women themselves are to blame for their maltreatment, a survey showed Thursday.

The forms of harassment reported by Egyptian men, whose country attracts millions of foreign tourists each year, include touching or ogling women, shouting sexually explicit remarks, and exposing their genitals to women. “Sexual harassment has become an overwhelming and very real problem experienced by all women in Egyptian society, often on a daily basis,” said the report by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights.

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Wife-Beating? That’s fine – unless you’re a Muslim

By Mark Steel

The Sun newspaper has come over a bit modest. Following a Channel 4 documentary about media reporting of Muslims, the paper accepts some of its stories were “distorted”. But they’re not doing themselves justice. They weren’t distorted – they were entirely made up. For example, a story about a Muslim bus driver who ordered his passengers off the bus so he could pray was pure fabrication.

But if reporters are allowed to make up what they like, that one should be disciplined for displaying a shocking lack of imagination. He could have continued, “The driver has now won a case at the Court of Human Rights that his bus route should be altered so it only goes east. This means the 37A from Sutton Coldfield will no longer stop at Selly Oak library, but go the wrong way up a one-way street and carry on to Mecca. Local depot manager Stan Tubworth said, ‘I suggested he only take it as far as Athens but he threatened a Jihad, and a holy war is just the sort of thing that could put a service like the Selly Oak Clipper out of business’.”

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The Solution to the Palestinians

Violence.  Revenge.  Death.  Decades of continous wars, peace treaties, truces, and other types of fitna has consumed the land of Palestine.  Ultimately death is the only end result of any of these actions by the conflicting sides.  Muslims have been fighting for years to gain back their lands, their honor and dignity.  They have sacrifcied their lives to end the occupation.  Nothing has changed with all of these attempts.  The Israeli terrorists continue to terrorize and invade the lands of Palestine.

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Open Apology to the Raef music group

In the name of God

I want to ask for forgiveness for my rude and mean attitude towards one of your videos in which you sang Tala al Badru Alayna with a rock twist.  My words were harsh and I did not deliver my opinion in the Muslim way.  I personally do not like the way the song was sung with the entire band but when it was the one brother in the acoustic version it was much better.  I have checked out your MySpace profile which contains some other songs and they are good.

I realize that there are many young Muslims who listen to this genre of music and that the majority of artists and groups do not have halal lyrics.  So if God wills this as a means for Muslims to listen to something better than so be it.  God knows best.

With peace,


Malik Obama, the Half Brother of Barack Obama: “I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

[audio: malik-obama-inteview-israel.mp3]

“I don’t think that’s in any way going to be something to worry about. I myself am not speaking for him. But we are here, we love people in general. People love us. I myself love people who love me. You know, so, everything’s mutual. I can’t go [sic] in terms of Israel and Kenya and America, and so forth, you know, but based on what else I’ve heard him say and what I know of him as an individual, I don’t think Israel should worry too much, you know, about the connection. Because, I am a Muslim myself, and I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

This was a radio interview with an Israeli or Palestinian station.  Not sure which station, but ABC News got it from the Israeli Army Radio.  The reason I think it could be a Palestinian one is that at the end of the interview he says “Asalamualykum”, acknowledging he was being interviewed by a Musim.  I don’t think Israeli stations have Muslims on them so this is why I assume it might have been a Palestinian one.  Besides that point, I think Malik was right to say what he said.  It doesn’t matter if Barack Obama’s half brother is a Muslim.

It’s really amazing how God has planned all this out and there is a strong possibility that the next President of the United States will have a Muslim lineage.  God is the best of all planners.

Finally! Hundreds of Corporate Thugs Arrested!

It’s all over the news.  Former executives from major financial institutions like Bear Stearns.  Mortgage brokers, housing developers, estate agents and many other areas in the financial field have been arrested and under federal custody.  It’s about time these corporate thugs become responsible for their greed.

That they took usury though they were forbidden and they devoured peoples wealth wrongfully; we have prepared for those amongst them who reject faith a grievous chastisement.

Surah Nisa, Verse 161

Praise be to God for Islam!  God is great!

Some news articles for those who didn’t know: BBC News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News