Muslims United for Change Against Malaria – HD Promo Video – S. Wahhaj, H. Yusuf, Y. Qadhi, Z. Shakir, M. Ninowy & F. Rabbani

Share this with everyone! This is already my favorite event and it didnt’ even happen yet. It is also my favorite project that I have ever been part of in my entire life so far. I can’t wait for the event, inshaAllah (God willing)! On a side note, this was my first HD video.

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Al-Aqsa Health Clinic in North Carolina – Free and run by Muslim Women!

God is greater!

GREENSBORO — Patients don’t need an appointment or medical insurance to seek treatment at the Al-Aqsa health clinic.

They simply show up and sign in.

This free medical clinic is entirely run by Muslim women and their children. The doctors volunteer their time, including one who travels from Statesville. Although the clinic has been operating just six months, word has spread about it. Attendance has increased from about 35 patients in the first months to 100 in June.

Amal Khdour, the woman who founded the clinic, is called a teacher and leader in her community. She is a 39-year-old Palestinian who wears long, loose clothing and covers her head with a hijab, or head scarf. She is tall and fair-skinned. She’s a mother of four — two sons and two daughters. And she’s a cancer survivor.

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Muslims and Hip Hop – Abul Hussein and Suhaib Webb Comment

Abul-Hussein writes:

“Hip hop” in the 21th century has taken the position of heavy metal in the 80’s. To the conscious observer the clear references to “satan” are evident and the indirect references are abundant. From Kayne West to Outerspace hip hop has traversed the boundaries of moral action and life affirming values, it is a realm where moral consciousness is obscured and human being has no worth. Today hip hop celebrates musically and honors poetically idolatry, occultism, illicit sex, theft, drugs, materialism, death, killing and now homosexuality.

Claiming the status of a new global religion as the singer Erika Badu has claimed it is a demonstration and affirmation of the ignorance (jahillia) of old that was celebrated by “poets of the age of ignorance” who resided in the Arabian pennisula before the emergence of Islam. What hip hop managed today was to universalize the values of heavy metal across ethnic lines making “necrophila” a way of life.

Something many Muslims have a difficulty in facing is that Islam as a notion no longer carries the weight of a transformative concept in hip hop. 50 cent’s claim to recite a “Ghetto Qur’an” is a sign of the triumph of ” far fetched ta’wil” and the celebration of supreme “kufr.” The Ghetto Qur’an he refers to is his words put to music making himself a prophet who is giving revelation to the people. This as a theme is not uncommon in hip hop, the claim to prophecy. The task of the da’ee today is how to present the Qur’an as a way to transform the personality molded by hip hop in the 21 th century, inspired by the way of satanic being in the world. Lectures, and books will not be sufficient to transform the necrophilic personality nor soften the heart inspired by satanic values. What is needed is a righteous patient teacher who imbibes the Qur’an and is aware of the culture of death celebrated by hip hop.


Wa Billahi at-Tawfiq

Suhaib Webb responds and writes:
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The 2008 Ramadan Olympics! Get a head start!

Why start off Ramadan on day 1, when you can get a head start?  Ramadan is like a race.  A race to get blessings and forgiveness.  Most people start the race on the 1st day of Ramadan, thus the day before they are still in there ready position.  Ready to jump off and start running.  With the start of the 2008 Olympics in China, I thought it would be appropiate to compare the two.  Specifically the running races.  If one was to get a head start running say 10-15 feet before the start line and begin running, as they pass the start line, the would already have a head start then those who jumped from there ready position. They would theoretically win the race since they were already running.  Although this is illegal in the Olympics, it’s not illegal to get a head running start before Ramadan.

Start reading more of the Qur’an (practice for MR’s Online Quran Reading Contest coming up), fast a few days, and pray that extra sunnah and nafl prayers.  This is your head start in the 2008 Ramadan Olympics.  Why settle for bronce and silver when you can get gold?  Have you ever seen how the participants of the Olympics cry and are extremely happy over a gold medal?  Our gold medal is even greater and is ever lasting.  Our gold medal is given to us by our creator and it is not man-made.  Our gold medal is greater than all those gold medals the Olympics has.  Our gold medal is heaven.

The month of Ramadan is the best month to increase your chances of winning the gold medal.  So let us all try to get running start and beat the rest of the participants while they are still in the ready position.

Bismillah, let’s go!

In my opinion, the Best Muslims and the Worst Muslims live in America

The Muslims in Muslim countries have the greatest advantage over the Muslims in non-Muslim countries and that is the fact that Islam is not strange in those lands (although some may beg to differ). Muslims in Saudi Arabia, in Pakistan and across to Morocco can pray, fast, give zakat, marry, get zabihah food, take off for Ramadan, Eid, make wudhu and perform the many other actions and obligations in Islam and the Shariah with ease. With ease I say!

On the other hand Muslims in non-Muslim countries, for example in America or Europe, find it much more difficult to simply do the basic obligatory acts. Why then do I say that the best Muslims live in America but also the worst Muslims? In America we are surrounded by a society with decaying morals. The diseases of the heart thrive in American society. Popular culture is fueled by the whispers of shaytan. With all of these great fitan (trials) there are thousands of strong Muslims who hold fast on to the rope of Allah. There are brothers who wear their beard consistently. Sisters observing the hijab and niqab without any hesitation. There are probably those who wake up early in the morning for tahajjud when the rest of us are sleeping. There are Islamic centers and schools within neighborhoods infested with crime. Yet they continue to thrive calling people to the truth. There are Muslim figures, speakers and scholars who do not fear anything but Allah and speak the truth.

Then there are those who are the worst of this ummah living in America. Those who claim Islam but yet accept homosexuality. There are those who say “it’s all about the heart” and completely eliminate the sharia from their lives. There are those who are simply “Muslim by name” and have no desire to live a Muslim life. There are those who love this dunya and the so called “American” lifestyle that their hearts have completely forgotten its Creator.

May Allah (swt) make us all under the shade of His Mercy. Ameen!

The Future of Makkah

This may be a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing will be that the accomodations for hajjis will be easier to control and maintain. The bad thing would be it will turn Makkah into an urban city taking away that traditional village vibe.

The Future of Makkah

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Depressed … not at ICNA ’08

Update: Live Webcast here!

I have been going to the ICNA conventions during July 4th weekend for the past couple of years.  I’ve been to more ICNAs than ISNAs and RIS’s.  The best part of ICNA is the parallel Youth Conference organized by Young Muslims.  I am proud member and was former active youth coordinator.  I love helping out with the YM Security and ushering people to each session.  It was my favorite part greeting everyone coming into the lecture hall.  I am not sure who replaced me this year as head, but I’m really depressed that I’m not there this weekend.

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The Solution to the Palestinians

Violence.  Revenge.  Death.  Decades of continous wars, peace treaties, truces, and other types of fitna has consumed the land of Palestine.  Ultimately death is the only end result of any of these actions by the conflicting sides.  Muslims have been fighting for years to gain back their lands, their honor and dignity.  They have sacrifcied their lives to end the occupation.  Nothing has changed with all of these attempts.  The Israeli terrorists continue to terrorize and invade the lands of Palestine.

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