Suspected Al-Qaeda Member Dresses Like A Woman

Marouf Ould Haiba is one of four alleged al-Qaeda militants accused of shooting the tourists as they ate a picnic in south Mauritania in December.Fellow suspect Sidi Ould Sidna escaped from police in the capital, Nouakchott, as he was due to go on trial last week.

The getaway sparked a manhunt leading to two deadly shootouts in the city.

Mr Haiba is being questioned by police after being caught in the capital dressed in the black robes worn by some strict Muslim women that hide the entire body apart from the eyes.

“He was disguised as a woman and was carrying a weapon under his dress,” Hindou Mint Hainina, a government spokesman, told Reuters new agency.

“He had been trailed by the police for several days and is currently being questioned in Nouakchott’s central police station.”

Now that’s straight up wack. If your going to shoot four innocent tourists you should man up and don’t hide behind women’s clothing.  What if those tourists converted/reverted to Islam due to visiting the Muslim country?  SubhanAllah, this guy might have just killed potential Muslims!  He had to get paid to do this, because there is no way a Muslim brother would dress in women’s clothing for the sake of Allah to enjoin good and forbid evil.  No way!  Show me the money!

May Allah (swt) protect the innocent people and guide us all to the straight path. Ameen!

Source: BBC News