Islamic Justice Prevails for 8-year-old Muslim Sister in Yemen

nojoud-muhammed-nasser.jpgThe story is really sad but the outcome is really good. The father and husband were both jailed, alhamdulillah. Basically to sum up what happened to this young Muslim girl. She was forced into a marriage with a 30-year-old man. She was not treated well, so she ran away and went to the court and spoke to Muhammed Al-Qathi, the court judge and he heard her out, although it was never heard of. May Allah (swt) bless Muhamamd Al-Qathi for following Islam and promoting the good and forbidding the evil. May Allah (swt) protect this young sister and all other young Muslim sisters around the world who are forced into these situations. Ameen!

Warning, this article may or will make you cry. Read at your own will:

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